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Tech Tip Tuesday - Grip Tips

by Kelly Vance on June 21, 2016

Whether you've got a new skateboard, or it's just time for some new traction, it's a good idea to know how do apply grip tape to your skateboard. Our tech expert, ambassador Kira Martinez takes us through the process step by step. 

Start off by removing any bracelets, watches and rings.

Remove all the plastic, stickers and anything that may be sticking to your deck.

Peel a little bit of the backing off the grip tape. I like to use grizzly grip, it's a flexible grip and has little holes to eliminate any air bubbles while gripping.

Start at one end, nose or tail. Let about half an inch hang off the the side you chose to start at.  and that the edge of the grip is should be parallel to the edge of of board.

applying grip tape to a skateboard
Slowly work your way down, keep peeling the backing off and pushing your hand down on the grip.

If you have any little cut outs give them a little extra press. you can also sand down the area where the cutout will lay  to make sure no areas will start to lift, sanding it down will remove the clear coat and allow for better adhesion.

Once your grip is on your deck, place the backing on top and run your hand up and down the deck to push out any air bubbles.

Grab an old file and angle it at about 45 degrees, move the file all the way around the edge of the deck with light pressure

You should have a nice out line like this, if not just press a little bit harder and give it a few more passes

This part can be very sketchy, so kids make sure you do this with adult supervision! And even if you're an adult you might want another to supervise. Poke the razor blade up from the bottom and cut towards you (cutting with the blade towards you can be very dangerous so please be very careful) slowly keep cutting and don't stop in the middle of cutting or your cut will not be crisp. Following the line will help with a straight cut.

cutting grip tape off a skateboard
Once you've completely cut the grip fold the corners of the excess grip

Sand down the edges of your deck with the left over grip that was cut off, sanding down the edges prevents the sides from peeling up.

sanding down the edge of skateboard grip tape
Poke the holes for your hardware to go though (we use a old screwdriver) then just put everything else on and you're ready to go skate.

Kira used Grizzly Grip:

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