Tech Tip Tuesday: Are Your Edges Sharp?

November 22, 2016

Tech Tip Tuesday: Are Your Edges Sharp?

by Kira Martinez

With ski and snowboard season around the corner, its time to start checking if your gear is ready for the snow. For this tech tip I will show you how to check if your edges are sharp.

Do you need sharp edges?  Sharp edges help your snowboard grip on icy conditions, groomers and steep runs. If you love skiing or riding all over the mountain, ride a lot on ice, or like to carve and go fast,  you should keep your edges in good condition.  If you ride park most of the time, you usually don't want sharp edges on the board you use for that. Sharp edges will catch on rails and other features in the park.

It's very easy to check if your edges are sharp, however you don't want to over-sharpen your edges, because eventually you won't have much base material left on your ski or snowboard.

All you do is slide your finger nail across your  base edge and your side edge with very little pressure. 

If you see that your edges grab a tiny but of your finger nail than that means your edges are nice and sharp.

Sharpening your edges is easy with an inexpensive snowboard tool like this one: 

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