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Can You Skate? - 3 Types Of Skateboarding

by Gina Duffy on June 21, 2016

By Ambassador, Joanna Brashear

Skateboarding has been around since 1958 when some surfer dudes decided to strap roller skate wheels onto a wooden board and ride it down the street! I bet that was a pretty awesome piece of history to watch go down!

Image Above provided by: Skateboarding Magazine.

If you look at this display you can see that skateboards have come a long way in terms of ride-ability, safety and design. Each decade had a different idea and design, some of which we have carried into our current skateboard culture. Some skaters prefer cruising the street on a smaller board, while some prefer cruising on a longboard. Some skaters live in the skate park, and some bomb downhill at high speeds. Every person is unique, which makes us all choose a different path when it comes to skateboarding. What type of rider are you? Not sure? Read below to find out the three basic types of skating and why one might suit you more than the other.

Skateboard Cruising

There are two main types of cruising boards.The short boards, like the "Penny" board and then the longboard cruisers. Both are super fun to ride, the thing that will determine if your going to use a small cruiser or a long one is... hills! If there are hills involved in your commute, or in the area you live, I would choose the longboard! It has better push factor which allows you to get uphill without being completely winded at the top.

If price is a factor, the smaller boards tend to be lower in price compared with the longboards. Make sure you choose a good reputable company that uses sturdy trucks and hardware. There is nothing worse than getting a skateboard that rattles apart while you are riding down the street. Some good choices for both are below. Cruising is most suitable for those looking to commute to work or school, and those who also want to explore the area they live in by taking the streets. These boards are generally not as great for flip tricks or ramp skating.

Skateboard Types: Short Board Cruisers

Globe Bantam ST Complete Matte Black

Landyachtz Dinghy Cats Complete


PomPom PopStick

Skateboard Types: Longboards Cruisers

Custom SheShreds Pintail Longboard Complete

Sector 9 Fractal Longboard Complete

Landyachtz Switchblade is a long distance push board, these boards are great for traveling and are also used in cross country type events where skateboarders can travel 100's of miles in one day or weekend!

Loaded Bamboo Vanguard

        Arbor Genesis Longboard


Downhill Longboarding

Downhill longboarding is for the thrill seekers who don't mind bruises, bumps, and road rash. There are special gloves used for downhill longboarding that allow you to control your slide, these gloves are called "slide gloves" and have a special puck on them to protect your hands from road rash. You should also wear proper knee, elbow and wrist protection as well as a good quality downhill helmet. Downhill longboarding requires you to live or travel somewhere that has hills or mountains. It is not for those who don't like going fast and sliding out.

Sector 9 Fault Line Downhill Longboard

      Triple 8 Savers High Impact Protective Gear

Landyachtz Galaxy Slide Gloves

Sector 9 Cannonball Downhill Helmet

​Park Riding Skateboarding

So you want to ride the skate park? Make sure you start small and learn the basics before dropping into the bowls or hitting the ramps. Skateboarding park is one of the most difficult types of skateboarding, but is also one of the coolest action sports to learn. You want to make sure you have a good board, with trucks that are not over tightened, but also not loose and shaky. If possible find a local skate shop and see if they offer a set of lessons or a summer skate camp and have them pick out the proper size board for you!

Always wear shoes with a grip rubber sole and a good fitting helmet. Some people think elbow, knee and wrist guards are dorky but they can really save you from breaking something when you are just starting out. If you have always watched the pro skateboarders and thought "I can do that", then park skateboarding is for you. Just remember that the best way to get better at park skateboarding is practice, practice, practice!

Santa Cruz Classic 8.5" Purp

Enjoy Cartoon Panda Skateboard

Thunder Lights Trucks


Spitfire BigHead Wheels

Triple 8 Gotham MIPS Skate Helmet

Bones Redz Ceramic Bearings

Vans SK8-HI Slim Zip Shoe

Girl Is Not A 4 Letter Word

Skate Couture Beanie

There are the basics of cruising, downhill and park. There is always more to learn so I encourage you to reach out to any of our skate ambassadors! Everyone will be super encouraging in helping you find a board to meet your needs. Always remember to have fun and stay safe. Shred On!

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by Aaron Lal on March 31, 2019

Nice Blog. It can help beginners to get an idea and keep themselves updated while looking for the skateboard. Keep up the good work.


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