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Shred Spot: Box End Park with Marnie Millington

by Allie Huish on July 12, 2017


by Maria Brunori


Within the community, many girls on the crew have a passion for wakeboarding. Ranging from beginner to expert, there are girls from all around the globe who share this passion in various ways. From being pulled behind a boat, to riding cable parks, there is a variety of styles seen throughout these girls. One female on the crew, Marnie Millington, decided to share her love for one cable park in particular that she has been riding at for about eight years.

The Box End Park, located in Kempston, Bedford. UK has one cable lake and one boat lake for wakeboarding. Each year, they change the set up and add new features in order to keep the park fresh for endless possibilities. The best time of year to visit Box End is during the British summer months, which are June, July, and August. Marnie, having gone to Box End for years, has gotten her riding to the intermediate to advance level, but riders can be at any level to go there. There are even instructors there to help improve your riding.

While some of you might be thinking, “This is just another cable park,” there are two things that Marnie expressed about this park that go hand-in-hand for what SheShreds stands for:

Q: “What is your favorite part about Box End Park?

A: “There is a really relaxed vibe at Box End Park. I don’t find it ‘clicky’ like I have at other wakeboard lakes. It doesn’t matter if you are not full time, or if you don’t make it down every weekend. Everyone is welcome. I also enjoy the Ladies Mornings that they [host] in the summer. One Sunday of every month, the morning is dedicated to female riders only on the cable lake.”

At, our mission is to empower women to push boundaries in whatever sports they do. While I have never personally been to Box End Park, the fact that they understand and respect that women are a part of wakeboarding is an incredible aspect of the company. Also, everyone who is a part of SheShreds is dedicated to bringing women closer together and encouragement is key. Knowing that the clientele at Box End are not judgmental and that everyone feels welcome, makes it different from other places, and a “good different” is what the world needs.

So, if you’re a female wanting to find a new wakeboarding shred spot that encourages women, has plenty of variety, and is just an overall chill spot to shred, then Box End Park is for you. And for the fans of wakeboarders who don’t ride, Box End has a huge Aqua-park, an open-water swimming area in the boat lake, and both a café and restaurant where people can watch the riders.

Lastly, I would like to give a huge shout out to the employees of Box End Park who understand that females are a part of the sport and for creating a chill vibe throughout the park. Thank you for making the females in the industry feel welcome!


Want to give it a try?  Join Marnie at the Ladies Wakeboard Morning on Sept 3 at 9am! 


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