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SheShreds Q&A - Corey Flynn at Skullcandy

by Bold Apps on January 29, 2018

We're so excited this year to announce a brand new sponsor for our event series, Skullcandy.  We'll have some epic prizes so make sure to come February 3 & March 3 at Powder Mountain for the SheShreds Jamboree. We touched base with Corey Flynn from Skullcandy's marketing department to learn more about what the brand is all about, and what it's like to work there! 

How did you get your gig with SkullCandy?  Let us know what you do for them.
Prior to joining the Skull family, I was a senior producer at a kick ass creative agency in Salt Lake City called Super Top Secret.  Most of our clients were action sports brands like Rossignol snowboards, Armada, NIKE, and yes – even Skullcandy at one point. And while I loved agency life, I was always curious to be on “the other side of the table” aka – brand side, so when the opportunity to work at Skullcandy as their Ambassador Marketing Manager popped up – it was too good to be true!

I’m a skier, mountain biker, and general athlete at heart, so the fact that I help manage our “band activation” department (which is over our events and ambassadors) is a pretty sweet gig! We’re a small crew at Skullcandy so it’s for sure a team effort around here. But at the end of the day I’m responsible for creating “brand heat”.  With social media, and content literally ruling the world, there’s always 2 -3, sometimes 4 things going on at once. It’s fast, but I love it.

Whats your favorite action sport?  
To watch? I’d say downhill mountain biking. Like Rampage, that stuff is INSANE! But, my favorite would have to be skiing. I literally love everything about it – it’s what’s kept me in Utah for the last 8 years.
What's your favorite thing about winter?
Beanies. No bad hair days!

Your favorite resort in Utah? 
90% of the time you’ll find me up Big Cottonwood at the resorts or in the backcountry. But if I had to pick a favorite resort in Utah I’d have to say Powder Mountain. I mean, where else can you pay $25 for cat laps through untracked snow 2-3 days after a storm?! From the skiable acreage to the old school vibe, Pow Mow will always have a special place in my heart. Also, you can’t beat apres burgers and beers at Shooting Star.

What tips do you have for up and coming girls in the action sport industry?
It’s really simple. It’s hard, but simple. Work your ass off. If there’s something you want to do, or a company you’d kill to work for, be relentless and go after it. But you better come ready to play, because there’s always someone else that wants your job. The action sports industry is for sure a good time, but it’s hard and it’s competitive. Hmmm, isn’t that ironic?

Name some bands youve been really loving lately?
I’m all over the place with music. I’ve been listening to anything and everything. Recently it’s been Mayer Hawthorne, BORNS, Cardi B, and my go-to is The Talking Heads radio on Spotify.

Your favorite pair of Skull Candy headphones for active ladies?
Method BlueTooth wireless! Running, biking, skiing, works for them all!

What do you look forward to this winter season?
Ugh, SNOW!?

Tell us about Skull Candy’s Partnership with the SheShreds Jamboree.
Skullcandy is all about supporting and amplifying the local skate, snow, and surf scene wherever we are. We’re stoked to help support all the ladies out there who are getting after it regardless of their age or sport, and just want to have fun and empower other girls to get after it!
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by Lisa Fenton on February 02, 2018

Great read and nice to hear about Corey Flynn. She seems to be on top of her game and representing skull candy in a heartfelt and enthusiastic way. Wish we all had employees like that!!!!


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