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$0.00 Women's Goggle Fit Guide

by Kelly Vance on November 21, 2019

Photo - Ambassador Stacy Pokrywka in the Oakley Flight Deck Goggles

When it comes to shopping online, determining the fit of goggles can be a huge struggle for female skiers and snowboarders.  Will the goggles be so big they cover your nose, or so tiny they create a huge gaper gap?  Vague sizing descriptions can make it really hard to tell - so we went to our ambassadors and asked which goggles they love for fit!

Medium Head/Face 

I have a narrower face. and love the Smith I/O Mag - they are big goggles, but don't look crazy big on narrow faces. They it perfectly with my Smith helmet and feature easy to swap out lenses. - SheShreds Founder Gina Duffy

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Ambassador Brie Pepe loves the Fit and styling of the Anon M3





Anon M3 Goggles

I love my Zeal Portal RLS goggles! Great interchangeable lens and everything!

- Elin Tortorice




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I have the Spy Ace - chubby cheeks make it hard to get a good fit sometimes, but these are great! They also haveeasy to swap out lenses.

- Kira Martinez





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Smith Squads. I wear a M/L in helmets kind of depends. I love how easy they are for lens changing and the versatility of the dark frames that I can wear on days like this shown and have perfect visibility. They fit obvi perfect witb my old Smith maze helmet but now I have a sandbox land and also as you can tell is perfect!  They're also affordable! 

- Erika Norcross

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Smith Squad fits a medium sized face well. 

- Kenzie Morris

Oakley flight deck! I have a medium helmet and love these! Interchangeable lenses in cool colors for various weather conditions.

The flight decks are the larger goggles, but also come in the XM size, which is slightly smaller for smaller heads/faces.

-Stacy Pokrywka








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Small Head/Face 

Ive been rockin' the Smith IO/S for 8 years now. They fit great on me because I have a really small face lol. I wear a XS/S helmet. They come with the easily interchangeable lenses for low and high light (pics here show both are fly!!) and of course they come in all sorts of fun and steeeezy colors.

- Allie Needler

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I have a tiny peanut head and these fit well and are helmet compatible

- Rachel Powis

I love the Smith I/O - I have a small head so I wear them under my helmet to make my helmet fit!  The lenses are easy to change out and I never have a gaper gap.

- Courtney McNiff







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Large Head / Face 


Dragon NFX2. I have a big head (size L helmet)! I love how easy it is to swap the lens with thier swiftlock lens change system. I don't even have to take them off to change the lens! They are awesome!

- Mikinly Bassett








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