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by Bold Apps on October 30, 2017 ambassadors at the Kaunertal Opening 2017: Hanna Koloszyc, Lisa Ehm, Caroline Weijnman (from left to right). Photo: Anna Plocinska

By Ambassador Hanna Koloszyc


32. KTO
Kaunertal, Austria's Season Opening presented by BLUE TOMATO
The essential event for every ski & snowboard lover in Europe!


When the fall comes, every winter sports enthusiast can’t stop thinking about the upcoming season. It is the time of crazy ski & snowboard movie premieres, constant checks of a forecast and opening dates of ski resorts. One of the earliest events, which our beautiful Alps in Europe offer, is the KTO - Kaunertal Opening. In the middle of October, you can already shred the glacier in the high mountains of Austria. This year’s 32nd KTO offered 3 days full of pure AWESOMENESS. Schneestern built a great snowpark with the half mile jib line 2.0 and medium kickers on the side. There were a variety of features, fitting every skill level. 



Layback by Hanna Koloszyc
Photo: Lisa Ehm

The yearly BLUE TOMATO Testival gave us an opportunity to test the newest ski & snowboard gear from more than 40 different brands for free. There were also many sessions, contests and side events, from amateur and professional competitions to open jib sessions, girls shreds, avalanche workshops or skate sessions on the mini ramp and the pump track. Yes, the pump track! All of this was held in a chill atmosphere with great music.

Sunday was all about  the girls!

Riders from left to right: Martina Lippolis, Franziska Herberg, Anna Plocinska, Jay Scherzinger, Marie Luggen. Photo: Lisa Ehm

After a Shred Unit morning jib session, girls were showing off at the open girls rail jam presented by GNU! The final best trick winner was Anna “Puotka” Plocinska - our dearest Polish friend and a great snowboarder!

Thanks to all girls for pushing their limits!

Hanna Koloszyc playing in the balance board park
Photo: Lisa Ehm


Hanna Koloszyc playing in the balance board park

Photo: Lisa Ehm

After each full day of playing on the sunny slopes, KTO organised the AfterRide STREETPARTIES with live concerts, DJs, Street Food, Skate features and Movie premiers in the bottom of the valley. We got to watch the premiere of the Absinthe movie “TurboDojo” together with an after concert of a band from California called “EasyGiant”, which simply ROCKED and kept us warm Saturday evening! After that, the night continued and you were still able to enjoy a variety of musicians in nightclubs for the rest of the night!

To sum it up we had a blast that weekend! A great snowpark, a lot of sun, many activities, friends and fun. Pure snowboarding happiness for me! Thanks a lot, Kaunertal! And hopefully see you more this season and definitely the next year at KTO!

So, everyone saves the date! see you at 12th of October 2018 in Kaunertal, Austria!



Hanna “Halinka” Koloszyc
Instagram: @halinka_ka


A few words from our other She Shreds ambassadors:

“KTO was the perfect jump right into the start of an amazing season. Snow & Slopes, fantastic people, boards and skies and all sort of equipment to test, contests, music and so many great vibes. It was an honour to represent Sheshreds on this wonderful event!”
Lisa Ehm
Instagram: @mhe.a


Lisa Ehm shredding on the slope
Photo: Caroline Weijnman


Caroline Weijnman rocking her Custom Supply Denim Jacket from She Shreds
Photo: Lisa Ehm

"Starting the season with KTO’17 was absolutely perfect. It was quite a spontaneous trip for me and it was so worth it, I enjoyed every moment of it and I think the best part was to have met some rad girls.! A few days have already passed since and I’m still walking around with a huge smile on my face!”
Caroline Weijnman
instagram: @carolinaweij


“KTO this year was awesome! Smiles and good vibes as far as the eye can see!”
Nina McNow
Instagram: @nin4nu


For more info, check out these links: 

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instagram: @weareschneestern

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Shout out to other rad girls:

Anna “Puotka” Plocinska
instagram: @puotka

Marie Luggen
instagram: @chillsleba

Jay Scherzinger
instagram: @its_mdfking_jay

Martina Lippolis
instagram: @martina.lippolis

Franziska Herbert
instagram: @franzi_sk.a

Martyna Pisarek
instagram: @marti_pisarti



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