2019 Summer Edit

by Kelly Vance on January 24, 2020

While some of us enjoying some snowy fun, the ladies of summer are craving warm weather, flowy singletrack, and lake time.  Get stoked for your favorite summer sports with our ambassadors and team athlete Taylor McCullough


Alexie Patrick
Adriane Ohrum
Amanda Monge
Ashley Lutterbach
Ava Cook
Bella Mooney
Cate Siniscalchi
Chandler Yates
Cristina Castellanos
Dana Wright
Ellie Patrick
Heidi Vercesi
Janie Hensley
Jordan Wolfe
Kaeleigh Cook
Kaitlyn Elswick
Kanan Thakur
Kiara Borrelli
Laurie DePhillips
Lynette Deacon
Marnie Millington
Mckenna Kameka
Melissa Caughey
Natalie Graham
Payton Lucas
Rae Powis
Stacy Pokrywka
Sydney Kennett
Tara Pichietti
Taylor McCullough
Valérie Kindlova
Vasilisa Ermakova
Violet Boulter


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