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Setting Goals - Part 2

by Kelly Vance on February 10, 2017

By Ambassador Coz McLavy


In last time’s blog we spoke about the difference between Dream Goals and SMART Goals and difference between OUTCOME, PERFORMANCE and PROCESS goals.

Whilst all this is good stuff in theory how can we turn this into something useful we can use?  To help I’ve created you a one pager called The Big Badass Scary Goal Planner which I hope will help you to put together your plan for achieving the big goals important to you.

The Big Badass Scary Goal – the Outcome

This is the goal that you would really like to achieve – it might be winning a big competition, achieving a certain level in your sport, it should be a stretch – something that scares you to even think about doing, and if you told most other people they would probably tell you that you were crazy, that you couldn’t, but deep down you know you can.  

What do I need to do to achieve this? – the Performance

There are certain key elements for sports that are needed to deliver the elite performance to achieve your big goal, in most cases they will include some or all of the following:

  • Coaching – what level or ability do you need to get have?
  • Fitness – given that we are sports ladies there will be some degree of fitness required, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the goal
  • Mindset – you will need to get your thinking in order to achieve your goal – believe that you can do it
  • Techniques – specific skills required
  • Location – where do you actually need to be to make it happen

Breaking it down – the Process

This section is where you can put all the individual elements that you will need to tick off to make the performance happen, for each of these you can use SMART goal setting (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and timebound):

  • Coaching – who do you need to train you? Difference coaches for different skills? Theory training? – online courses? Ebooks? How much time can I put in? how often?
  • Fitness – what do I train?  Do I need to build endurance? Speed? Strength? What should I be eating?  When should I train?
  • Mindset – is my thinking positive? Do I worry about other people’s opinions? Who inspires me? What are the people around me like? What areas could I improve?
  • Techniques – the individual specific skills to train, it might be certain tricks to learn
  • Location – how do I get myself to the locations to make it happen, where do I need to go to train? Compete?  How to I save the money I need?

Of course you can also use all the above techniques to achieve smaller goals too – not just the big badass ones! But since we all seem to like to push ourselves on I’m going with the Big Badass version!  If you want some help with goal setting get it touch with me on Facebook and I’ll be happy to help you if I can!  

 Click for a Printable Version at my blog. 

Coz McLavy – SheShreds Ambassador – Dog Agility, Canicross, Snowboarding

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