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Q&A - Jamie Strauss with Level Nine Sports

by Alex Parsons on January 29, 2020

A new sponsor to our Jamboree and Ladies Night series this year, Level Nine Sports is a local Utah outdoor gear store that has a focus on providing skis, snowboards, and bikes at great prices.   We're stoked to have them as a sponsor, and they've contributed some amazing prizes to our Jamboree Rail Jam.
Check out their website for more on what they have to offer! 


1. How did you get your gig with Level Nine Sports? Let us know what you do for them.

I came into the shop back when it was still 2nd Tracks Sports and I had just moved to Utah. I had never skied and my boyfriend was way into it so I knew I was going to need some gear but didn’t know what that really meant. Everyone was super nice to me, I fell in love with the shop dogs, and before I knew it I was walking out with a job. I started as a cashier and got to know the gear and by the time I found myself on the mountain, I was hooked. Everything about the culture and community at the shop made me feel comfortable learning and exploring the gear. As I was learning to ski, I had the opportunity to talk to a ton of people everyday at all different levels and backgrounds ..everyone coming in for their common interest of playing in the mountains. I have been growing with the shop for five seasons and am now the store manager. I am lucky to work with such an amazing team! 

2. What's your favorite part of working for Level Nine Sports?

The people are definitely my favorite part. It’s pretty cool to be able to be a part of everyone’s adventure! We get to help get people up there having an awesome time and if we are lucky, they will come back and share a little bit of it with us. I have had a blast getting outside with both the customers and the employees that I have worked with the last few years. It’s really cool to part of a team of people committed to finding fun in these mountains. We get a lot of people out there with their families, friends, and dogs to explore in this beautiful place we live in. I am honored to be a part of that.

3. What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

 Practice. I think that’s the best advice I have ever been given about anything: just keep practicing.  If you are trying to be better at something or trying to find your way at it, you practice it until someday you practice it because doing it makes you happy. 

 4. What tips do you have for up and coming girls in the action sport industry?

Have fun. I think action sports can be physically and mentally challenging at times and it’s important to remember to have fun every time you get out there. We help a lot of people get out there every day at the shop and sometimes it can seem stressful, expensive, challenging, or overwhelming to get ready to get outside to your sport. When you feel like you are losing sight of why you are out there or how you are getting there, take a breath and remember what you love about it. Reach out to some shop employees, we will remind you why we do it. Definitely keep smiling because playing outside is fun and it gives us the chance to test ourselves and grow and enjoy this beautiful place we live in. 


5. What is your favorite action sport? How did you get started with action sports?

I have really been loving skiing…I guess mountain biking is a close second to skiing these days (mostly because it is the only way I can attempt to keep up with my dog). Both activities I really found through working at the shop. I think I have always hesitated to jump into activities that required equipment for fear buying stuff I might end up not using. We have rentals at the shop so I was really able to learn what I liked about both activities before investing in them. Trying out the gear and learning what was right for me gave me a positive learning experience. As I became educated about the gear, I started to have an easier time using it and my time in the mountains just became more and more fun each time I got out. I feel pretty lucky to have come across this community of people here so passionate about playing outside and every time I get out there I am even more excited to be a part of it!! 

 6. Tell us about Level Nine's partnership with the SheShreds Jamboree.

We are very excited to be part of the upcoming Jamboree!! We have donated some pretty awesome prizes and we hope we will see you there!! It means a lot to us to have groups of people that believe in each other and our calling to get out and play. The Jamboree (and the Ladies Nights) brings people out together to celebrate something we all love. Together we can share that excitement and encourage others to try something new, join a team, grow in their role or sport, and share the outdoors with our friends in the community. 




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