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Motivational Mondays - Yoga

by Bold Apps on March 19, 2018

 Photo: Ambassador Louise Upton

By: Ambassador Jada Johannes

Hey ladies! I love seeing you guys post on social media about yoga and what a great/healthy life choice it is. This blog is going to talk about the ins and outs of yoga, for those of you who've never tried it!

  • Benefits: There are multiple benefits that come with yoga, one of the biggest is RELIEF OF STRESS! Yoga can relax your mind and increase respiration, energy and vitality. Yoga can also increase strength and help to prevent injuries. By doing yoga,  athletic performance can improve and help to better you in whatever sports you partake in.
Ambassador  Valérie Vitoušová uses yoga as a significant part of her sports training.
    • Yoga works many of your different muscles groups and different components of your body. Flexibility, weight loss, and balance can all be increased with a few simple stretches.
    • Before taking part in the practice of yoga it’s important that you stretch out and are familiar with your body. Our bodies are very delicate and key that we know how far we can and cannot push ourselves in order to get the best outcome.

    Quick Tips:

    1. Here's a video with some basic yoga poses:
    1. If you're at work or school and your anxiety or frustration is high, try some yoga breathing techniques.

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