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Gear Guide: Top Women's Life Vests For Wake Sports

by Gina Duffy on June 18, 2016

By Ambassador, Joanna Brashear

We've all been there, the daunting task of buying a life vest. Manufacturers  have come a long way in the style department and are becoming less and less bulky each season, keep in mind though that some of the slim style vests still cannot be used on certain lakes, and even in some  wakeboard and wakesurf events. Always check to see if the waters you will be playing in need a CGA (Coast Guard Approved) life vest.

SheShreds Guide:  4 Of The Best Women's Life Vests

The first two options are CGA approved, which means no matter where you go, or what you are doing, you will not be kicked out for not having the appropriate life vest and provides you FULL float if you are not super comfortable in the water and/or your swimming game isn't as strong as it should be. 

The O'Neill Reactor wake vest is simple, it's stylish, and it works. This vest boasts the best fit in the industry with its specially designed armholes that won't have you pulling down the vest every five minutes. It also has great drainage, which means you won't feel like you are wearing a soggy, wet towel all day. The material is super soft and won’t rub your skin raw as well. If you’re looking for something that works like it is supposed to  and is sleek in style, then I would recommended this choice.

Perhaps black isn't a color you like, or maybe you are looking for your daughter to have a life vest that enables her to be seen while still being fun and colorful. If so, then the Liquid Force Melody would be the top choice for premium style and function. The Melody comes as a side zip with superior stretch for a perfect fit that stays comfortable all day long.  The oversized arm holes allow for an easy entry and exit, perfect for younger ones.

If you are going to be riding on water that allows for non CGA life vests, than you can move over to the slimmer profile vests. These are super comfortable but they are not recommended if you are not a strong to moderately strong swimmer.

​The Liquid Force Melody Comp Vest is the perfect mix of function, comfort and style. The front zip makes it super easy to get on and off during competitions. The flexible neoprene fabric fits like a glove and flexes with you to provide ultimate comfort. The heather gray color fits right in with all your boardshorts and bikinis, making it the perfect addition to your wake gear collection.

Other items you might need for a day on the water:

                                SheShreds Black Tank Dress           

If you need a little more style in your comp vest than look no further than to the Liquid Force Cardigan Comp Vest , it fits you better than your favorite sweater and looks similar too! Seriously cute and still performs well when you need it. This is a pullover vest that goes on and off quick without having to deal with zippers getting stuck in your hair.

Stay tuned for more gear buying guides for all your summer sport needs.

In the mean time be sure to check out the SheShreds Wake Gear Guides for the 2016 Season.


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