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SheShreds Q&A: Flowrider Utah with Shaun Hancock

by Joanna Brashear on February 22, 2018

Utah is the hotspot in the US for flowboarding, an indoor surfing sport, and Flowrider Utah is one of the most popular venues.  We couldn't be more stoked to work with Shaun and Flowrider Utah with our Flowrider Ladies Night events, as well as as a sponsor for our upcoming SheShreds Jamboree at Powder Mountain! He's an amazing supporter of women in flowboarding and in action sports in general, and comes out to all of our events to grow the flow! Read more about him here, and what flowboarding is all about.  


Tell us a bit about yourself?   

My name is Shaun, I am the  Manager at  iFLY, Flowrider and iROCK Utah in Ogden! I am 48 years young and a complete adrenaline junkie that refuses to grow up...ever!

1. What inspired you to work with SheShreds?

I have been involved in the sport and lifestyle of flowboarding since 2007. It has been growing ever since and the progression of tricks throughout the divisions is phenomenal.

The area or demographic that has most potential for growth has always been the female division from groms through masters, as well as our everyday, "just for fun" riders.  I have been pushing for more support to encourage females to learn to flowboard and even compete for most of the last 10 years. Flowboarding has just in the last couple of years designated a Pro Female division to help allow for growth and fair competition between women. I am proud to say that I was a part of that shift.

I noticed some fun posts and write ups about a group offering and promoting ladies nights at Powder Mountain and thought it would be a great idea to try this here at Flowrider Utah! I reached out through some mutual friends and met with Gina and Tony. They were great to work with right from the start! The stoke and support that the girls get from SheShreds and from each other really goes across all action or adventure sports, and in turn they help encourage even more females to try new things and meet new people. It takes a lot of work to make events successful and they strive for that with passion and amazing organization skills. It has been a pleasure cross-promoting a sport that I love with their diverse events and competitions.

2. What event has been your favorite event hosted by SheShreds?

I would say our latest round of SheShreds Ladies Night at Flowrider Utah! We started having ladies nights last year with fun themes, DJ's, costumes, etc.! I think it really helped females of all ages come to realize it is about having fun with people that are passionate about similar ideals and not being afraid to fall or wipe out in front of everybody. The key is to always get back up and try again!

3. Why would you highly recommend Flowrider to any girls or women that haven’t tried it?

Flowboarding is a way to bring the surf lifestyle to a landlocked state like Utah. It is challenging, rewarding, and fun all at the same time! Its not an attraction, it is skill based, so you have to practice at it. The best part is there is always someone there to coach you and help you get better. It is a perfect crossover or mud season activity for snowboarders, wakeboarders, wakesurfers, and even skateboarders, because the basics are so very similar.

4. Who is your favorite female in action sports? 

Hands down my favorite would be Bethany Hamilton. Stories like hers always remind me that I never have it that bad, and no matter what you can do anything you put your mind to!!!

5. Where do you see the sport of flowboarding in 5 years?

I hope to see it continue to grow! They keep opening up new venues across the world and with that opens up new opportunities for sponsors, riders and spectators. Utah has been known as a Flow Mecca the last 5 years with several of the best riders living and practicing here. I continue to do my part to help try and keep that going strong!


6. Two top pieces of advice for girls who have never been to Flowrider Utah and are going for the 1st time? Dress warm, the room is heated as well as the water but when you are wet in can be chilly! Wear boardshorts, wetsuit tops or rash guards, not only will they help keep you warm, they help keep your suit on too. Don’t be afraid to try it and take advantage of  both experienced riders and instructors from your first time and any other time.   The instructors are here to help you learn to ride and land new tricks as you progress!  

Lastly, use the rope!!! It is the best training tool hands down. Don't forget to bring  your friends and help share the stoke of flowboarding. Cheers!


Come out to our SheShreds Jamboree on March 3 for a chance to win some Flowrider Utah sponsor swag. 

Comment below with a theme you think we can't do without this year and it may be chosen!! 


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