SheShreds Q&A: Chase Burch with Lucky Slice

January 10, 2018

SheShreds Q&A: Chase Burch with Lucky Slice

This week we caught up with Chase Burch, the man behind the countless pizza deliveries to our Ladies Night Series, both at Flowrider Utah and Powder Mountain. Chase always has a huge smile on his face and loves spreading the stoke among shredders! Which is why we love having him around! I wanted to know a little more about the man behind the pizza boxes and the rad company that provides them! Want some for yourself? Book your trip to the Jamboree events February 3 and March 3!
1. What intrigues you about Why did you choose to say YES to being a part of our events?
SheShreds is an authentic cause and organization that is playing a fundamental role in proliferating both the board-sports culture and female empowerment - both of which I think are super important and very necessary to having a healthy community. 
All of us here at Lucky Slice are snowboarders and we depend on a strong and healthy community to conduct our business, so it's a no-brainer to support SheShreds events.
2. Off all your Pizza which one is your favorite, or do you have a secret slice you make for yourself?
Great question! I can usually be seen with a slice of our monthly, whatever that may be at the time, because they are only around for a limited time and I can't miss out. However, my favorite of all time is the Dub All Star. Especially when it's made by our Powder Mountain staff. They seem to have a magic touch!
3. How did Lucky Slice start out? What was the hardest thing to overcome when opening up shop?
Lucky Slice was the brainchild of Mike McDonald - a lifelong pizza shop employee, Nick VanArsdell - a business major, and Will Shafer - a culinary arts connoisseur. They all came together as mutual friends with a dream, and opened shop in 2012 with Will cooking, Mike running slices, and Nick on the register! That was the plan... or so we thought. From there, business exceeded expectations and the dream started to become a much bigger reality than ever imagined!
With that said - one of the hardest things to overcome has been the growing pains of scaling up the business - from buildings and equipment limitations to employee management, we've pretty much built everything with our own hands which is rewarding, but not always easy!
4. Whats the coolest thing you did in 2017 and what do you look forward to in 2018!
I think my snowboarding trip to Japan was definitely the highlight of 2017! It was something that had been on my radar for a while, so it was nice to make it a reality. The people, culture, terrain, and snow over there are all unbelievable... which is why I'm heading back again on January 17th, but this time with a better understanding of how to do Japan properly - so I'm super stoked to see what this trip will hold. 
5. Favorite shred spot?
Paradise (Pow Mow) on a bottomless day is hard to beat. Otherwise, the sisters chutes at Snowbasin or surfing at Short Sands on the Oregon coast.
6. You sail? Tell me more!
Yes! Sailing has been in the back of my mind for about 6 years, but I never really pursued it. Then one day this summer, a friend invited me out sailing on the Great Salt Lake - and I was instantly hooked. I ended up the learning the ropes (literally and figuratively) on his boat, and then a fortunate series of events led to me being able to purchase the boat (named OHANA) with my father and becoming a captain.
There's still so much to learn, but it's super intriguing to be able to harness the wind and I'm so excited to see what and where we can go with it. 
7. Whose your favorite female shredder, and why?
Hmm.. I would say Marie Frace-Roy. She is an incredible freerider who is pushing natural lines and backcountry exploration, which I love to see - plus, she has a sweet disposition on life in general.
It is always great to see someone so generous and stoked on building a community of shredders getting to explore the world and do the things they love! We wish the best to our amazing friends over at Lucky Slice and can't wait to see what 2018 brings for all of us!

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