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Celebrating Dads Who Shred - Part 2

by Kelly Vance on June 18, 2016

We're continuing out celebration of the Dads out there who bring out the best in their daughters by encouraging them to be fearless with some more great stories from our ambassadors about their dads. 

Logan Davis

My Dad and I both share the love of snowboarding. He first taught me when I was seven. Whenever I fell and got discouraged he reminded me not to give up and believe in myself that I could do it!
On our way to the ski resort we stop at this old hotel/
restaurant and we get the best pizza. Then we would go snowboarding. It's my favorite thing to do in the winter it has really brought me close to my dad.
When I told him I wanted to start doing it competitively he was really supportive! Anytime I am having are hard time doing a trick or getting up on a rail he say BIY(believe in yourself). He has really taught me a lot about snowboarding and life!


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Maria Brunori

When I was 2 years old, about to turn three, my dad started bringing me to Elk Mountain Ski Resort in Union Dale, PA. I had a tiny pair of Mickey Mouse skis that I would use, which are still used by my younger cousins today. He would set my skis up so I would be doing a "pizza" and he would ski backwards down the hill doing a "backwards pizza." I skied until I was eight, then I switched over to snowboarding. When I was ten, my dad learned how to snowboard so we could ride together. Even though all of his friends called him a "knuckle dragger," he continued to ride and still does to this day. Even though we now live almost 1900 miles apart, he's always been, and always will be, my number one riding buddy. Whether it is snowing, raining, or a blue bird day, I can count on him to be with me on the lift. By far the best 60 year old shredder out there.

Catrin Butler

Although my dad didn't teach me to snowboard, he is always soo supportive of me and what I choose to do. When I decided to take up snowboarding, he took me to sportchek (cause thats obviously the number one place to get a board haha) and let me pick out whatever I wanted/needed....I was the happiest person ever!! Living in the prairies also came with difficulties, but he would drive me hours away to go on the hills. My first year I moved to Whistler he wanted to come visit me and was determined to ski with me!! He hadn't skied in many years and it was pretty bad conditions...very foggy! He rented ski equipment, and I geared him up with extra stuff I had....including these badass 'shred' goggles, I loved it! He had a smile on his face the entire time and we had one of the best days ever! I am so lucky to have a father who is so supportive and enthusiastic with whatever my next adventure is!

Elly Tso

When I was 3/4 my dad would work every day so I wouldn't see him a lot. But on one Sunday he decided to open late so we could do something together and he took me to a rock climbing centre and I loved it. This one Sunday that he opened late turned into every Sunday. So now on Sunday I get up early have breakfast with my dad and then we set out and rock climb until 4. My dad no longer climbs with me because he has bad knees but he belays me and encourages me to climb a little bit further every week

Georgia Goodman


Although my dad didn't teach me to snowboard, he has always been there to help me when I was learning, drove me back and forward to the snowdome, helped with holidays to the mountains and has always taken an interest in my hobbies. Although we don't shred together, we do karting and clay shooting when we're both not working!

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Marnie Millington

I'm definitely into sports because of my Dad. My Dad enjoys his food and fine wines and does sport to keep fit, but really so that he can indulge in the former! We learnt to ski together when I was aged 3 and he was 34, he then pretty much took me skiing every year for the next 30yrs. I learnt to waterski/mono because he liked a fast boat, which then progressed into wakeboarding when that sport was invented. I actually learnt to waterski before my elder brother because of the movie Jaws (he watched it too young)...he wouldn't go into the water before me. If I jumped in and wasn't eaten then it was ok for him to go in too (found that out at a later age!!!). I played a lot of hockey at school and my Dad would always try and watch. He became our team mascot running up and down the sidelines in the freezing cold giving us tips and cheering us on! Yep we've enjoyed some fun times and it continues now, throwing my two sons around in a swimming pool if he gets a chance. 

Madi Strohecker

I started skateboarding when I was 7 years old and using my dad's skateboard from when he was young. I rode that thing for years and my dad taught me tricks and how to ride. He's also the one to get me started snowboarding when I was 10. Thankful for him!!


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