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Are You Part of the Future of Gina Duffy's Announcement at the Jamboree

by Kelly Vance on February 21, 2020
If you missed out on Jamboree 2020 we wanted to take a moment and let you in on the big announcement to the community from Founder, Gina Duffy!
"I’ve spent the past 7 years of building SheShreds non-stop with our awesome team! Making lots of mistakes and learning our way through everything from e-commerce, shipping, apparel design and manufacturing. Building an incredible worldwide community. Having some big wins, getting into one of the largest retail chains, Zumiez, supporting female podiums, events and meet ups around the world.
It’s something that was beyond what I ever dreamed it would become.
It’s important to me and I know it’s important to all of you here and every single female who’s been touched by SheShreds. It’s important that SheShreds endures so that it continues to impact young girls and women in and around these sports.
What’s EVEN MORE important is that SheShreds flourishes and that it can be brought to another level making it even more incredible.
What I have come to realize is that I, personally, have taken SheShreds as far as I know how.
We are looking for a person, a collective group, a company, or a brand, who has the passion, energy and resources to continue building what we have started here with a fresh perspective
We have spent these past 7 years building a SUPER STRONG foundation. There are SO MANY different avenues that still need to be explored. So we are asking you: our ambassadors, our community, our followers and partners to put this out there, to help us find a partner, buyer, a collaborator to take SheShreds to the next level!
Is one of you or a group of you the next CEO or Executive Board to take this forward?"  - Gina

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