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SheShreds Q & A: Stephanie Sue Feld from Outta The Kitchen

by Virginia Buechel on December 21, 2015

Stephanie Sue Feld & SheShredsRecently the SheShreds Team was beyond stoked to be a sponsor for the Outta The Kitchen feature film with some choice footage and adventures from the streets to the backcountry featuring some first class ladies of shred. We wanted to sit down with Stephanie Sue Feld, who was such an integral part of the production and get to know her as a rider, producer, and leader in the field of women's snowboarding.

What was the one moment when you said to yourself "Yep! Snowboarding's for me!”

Memory takes me back to the first side hill kicker I built… it was just wider than the width of my board and about 8 inches off the ground…but it was enough air time to do my first grab. I was so estatic i road to the bottom of the run (which was like 30 more feet on a tiny hill in Wisconsin) and called my mom to share the news. Maybe snowboarding was “for me” before that, but thats when things really got rolling.

Most hilarious memory from riding?

Well it wasn’t very funny at the time, but my first time riding really deep powder, I had just moved to Steamboat Springs and I was riding with my roommate, who had lived there for a few years. I fell in a flat spot the powder was up to my thighs where I was standing and no tracks in sight. I was flailing around like an idiot for what seemed like forever and I started whimpering. It wasn’t until after I was like full on tears down my face didn’t think I would ever get out, thought about yelling for help, my friend steps out from behind some trees just below me and is just dying laughing. The amount of relief overwhelmed my embarrassment. 

Stephanie Sue Feld Women's Snowboarding

What is your go-to snack for a full day of riding?

Mixed nuts and dried fruit. Fits in your pocket and lots of energy. A big healthy breakfast is key though. Keeps me from getting hungry.

How do you get ready for the snowboard season with your fitness routine?

Welp, the gym is great, and i go through phases with the gym. We have a love hate relationship. But on the rare occasion Im not snowboarding all year round, I try to do something active every day. Skate, Surf, Bike, anything to keep the blood movin’.

Your latest project of Outta' The Kitchen is a kick-ass video with some sweet ladies riding, tell us how it got started.

Outta the Kitchen was a collaborative effort. It came from being tired of not really having an outlet for the clips we were getting. Lets face it, snowboarders are entertainers. Weather we are looking to just entertain ourselves or we’re haming it up in front of the camera, its all about fun and sharing that with your friends and peers.

Besides the whole video, what is your favorite moment of the Outta' The Kitchen video?

I think my favorite moment was as I was editing, going through all the footage of these girls I respect and call my friends, I found myself cheering out loud at my desk for them. Its an intimate moment when you can see how someone has progressed, learned a new trick, or concurred a fear. You get to see all the falls they take, all the total fails, all the “just missed it” moments and to see them land it, brings the fun back all over again.

So what is on your agenda for this winter season?

Keep the good time rollin!

What snowboard(s) do you ride? What boots? What bindings?

Gnu Snowboards (best ever ever) I'm currently in 32 Boots and Union Bindings make me smile.

Grab Some of Stephanie's Gear:

32 Women's Snowboarding Boots 2015-2016

32 Women's Snowboarding Boots 2015-2016


Union Women's Snowboarding Bindings 2015-2016

Union Women's Snowboarding Bindings 2015-2016


Gnu Women's Snowboards 2015-2016

Gnu Women's Snowboards 2015-2016

What is your ultimate favorite pieces from the SheShreds Winter Line?

Custom Supply "Crew" Jacket - Burgundy - Size Large… Hollerrrr ;) Ha but for real all the threads and accessories are super rad. So hyped on SheShreds in all of the ways :)

Crew Snowboarding Jacket for Women

What's next for OTK, any plans?

You’ll have to wait and seeeee!

How did you decide who got the prime parts? 

Well I wanted it to be based on the amount of work the girls did. The gals with the most shots, through their body around the most and got the bigger parts. ;)

Did you ladies work with some of the other all-girl crews? Any riders who really impressed you? 

I mean being based from Salt Lake, We got Jet Pack and Too Hard real close to home and all the girls ride together, the Full Moon Ladies are awesome and I would be super lucky and 100% open to working/ filming/ riding/collaborating with any one of them. The lady snowboard community is booming these days thanks to all these crews and Unity could only make it stronger!

What prompted the decision to chase big snow out East? What was the best spot you found while there? 

Well it was either there or Japan, and a last min ticket to Japan wasn’t as friendly a number. I love the west coast but I will totally cheat on it if its snowing somewhere else. ;-)

What's the best part about shooting with all girls. Any downsides? 

Ha its great, its all pretty similar to shooting with guys, as long as your shooting with the right kind of people for you. I like a happy supportive, talkative vibe and I have that with these girls :)

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