Gear Guide: Top Female Snowboards for Winter 2015-2016

January 03, 2016

Gear Guide: Top Female Snowboards for Winter 2015-2016

The SheShreds Team put together gear guides and gift guides for female athletes in all types of board sports. To start the Winter off right, we have put together some of our top lists for a wide variety of snowboards, along with some guides on what to expect with the different kinds of women snowboards. Check out some of the lists below and view all the featured items at the gear boutique on

Snowboard Gear Guide for Women for Winter 2015-2016

Snow Sport Gear Guide for Women Athletes

With so many different types of equipment and apparel for women snowboarders, the SheShreds team has set out to find the best new items for you to shop for this season between snowboards, bindings, boots, apparel, gear, and more. Check out some of the top snowboard setups and picks from the SheShreds team. With some budget-based lists and powder snowboards we have you covered with the best picks for the Winter 2015-2016 season.

Top Women's Snowboards for Winter 2015-2016

If you are searching for the best women's snowboards for the 2015-2016 Winter Season, the SheShreds has some of the best lists for you to check out for every type of female snowboarder. Whether you are shopping for younger and beginner riders, or you are more advanced and expert park rider, or a backcountry and powder explorer, we have the right board for you! Below we have compiled some lists that will help you choose the best boards for every girl snowboarder in your life.

Beginner Snowboards for Women in 2015-2016Top Beginner Snowboards for Women

Your first time buying a snowboard can be daunting - what kind of snowboard works best for beginners? What does all of this snowboard tech mean? Which snowboard will help you learn and progress?

Not to worry, our experts take the guesswork out of it and give you some of the best options for beginner women’s snowboards. These female-specific boards will be forgiving and fun and help you progress!

Budget Friendly Snowboards for WomenTop Budget-Friendly Snowboards for Women

If you are crunching numbers and don't have enough money to purchase the top set up this season but still want to hit the slopes, you can browse through these affordable snowboards for 2015-2016.

These female-specific snowboards, are perfect for the college shredders that are barely getting by on ramen noodles or the recent grads looking for an escape during the winter. These budget-friendly snowboards for women, are the perfect selections.

Top Park Snowboards for Women in 2015-2016Top Park Snowboards for Female Riders

Not all boards designed for park riding are created equal, but in general these boards are twin tipped and have a park-friendly camber profile. They’ll also typically much more flexible and easier to butter than a freeride board, and are super fun for a day of jibbing, or a day of side hits. This list includes the top picks from our experts, team athletes, and ambassadors.

Top Female All Mountain SnowboardsTop All-Mountain Snowboards for Women

The quiver killer, a thing of legends, or a real women’s snowboard?  Check out these picks if you’re looking for a snowboard that does it all - whether you’re looking for a park-friendly board that won’t kill you on steeps or a freeride board that won’t be too sketchy on rails, this list of the best 2016 women’s all-mountain snowboards is the place to be.

Top Women's Freeride & Powder SnowboardsTop Freeride & Powder Snowboards for Women

If you’re a big mountain shredder looking for an aggressive women’s snowboard that’ll keep you ripping through powder, trees and steeps, these are the 2016 snowboards for you. Whether the whole mountain is your playground, or you just dream of wide open bowls, there’s sure to be a choice on this list that suits your freeride snowboard needs.


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