Check The Ladies Outta' The Kitchen Shredding The Snow

Featuring: Stephanie Sue Feld, Melissa Evans, Melissa Rittano, Britt Horowitz, Mariah Dugan, Kaleah Opal Driscoll, and friends.

These ladies are ripping it up this winter with their boards in a variety of places from backcountry to urban. Check these awesome ladies killing it.

SheShreds was stoked to be part of this project and being a sponsor of these rad women and continuing to spread the shred!

Stay tuned for more details from Stephanie Feld sitting down with

Outta' The Kitchen Ladies Snowboarding

Virginia Buechel
Virginia Buechel


Virginia Buechel is a Ambassador and spends her winters on the snow shredding and her summers longboarding or exploring the great outdoors. Connect with her on Twitter @BueWho.

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