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Q&A With Smith Optics & Brooke Heumann

by Bold Apps on December 16, 2017

The SheShreds Team is stoked to announce a great partnership with Brooke Heumann and the rad folks over at Smith Optics. Being a leader in the goggle world is awesome in itself, but having the opportunity to tour this facility is even better. Some of the SheShreds crew was lucky enough recently to take one of these tours of the Smith Optics factory and see how those eye-protectors are constructed. Take a look at some of the cool photos below from our tour and learn a bit about Brooke, who is the administrative assistant/donation coordinator at Smith Optics in Clearfield, UT.

The latest event that Smith is sponsoring is our SheShred Jamboree at Powder Mountain - be sure to come by Saturday, Februrary 3 and March 3 and shred with us! 

 Smith Optics Frames Straps Smith Optics Goggle Straps 

Smith Goggles Factory Smith Goggles Lens At Factory




What is your weapon of choice for the snow? Skis or snowboard? (If any)

K2 Lime Light SNOWBOARD & Burton Malavita Winged Bindings!!!! I also skateboard.

K2 Lime Light Snowboard Winged Bindings

So you came to Utah from Mt. Hood to work at Smith Optics. Tell us about your favorite parts about the Mt. Hood area.

My favorite part about the Hood area is Government Camp… it’s the little town that Timberline Mountain is in. On a good snow day you can ride from the top all the way down into town grab some Twizzlers from the gas station and hitch a ride back up Timberline Road to the lift! It’s an awesome town filled with RAD people that have grown to be some of my best friends and my shred family that I hold so close to my heart. It's a town where you don't have to grow up, you get to be a lost girl or boy forever.

What did you look forward to the most when you came to the Utah area?

SNOW!!! I have been riding either "Sierra Cement" in Tahoe or extremely wet and heavy at Mt. Hood…so I am looking forward to “light and fluffy” here in Utah … I hope I am able to ride it! Haha!

You work at Smith Optics, what is your role there and what is your favorite part about working there?

I am so blessed to work for SMITH Optics… I am the Administrative Assistant and Donations Coordinator I am based out of the Utah Manufacturing offices. I assist 8 of the executives and my favorite part is the dynamic days I get to have. Every hour is different and there is never a dull moment.

What are some programs or organizations that Smith Optics works with that you are most proud of (charity, foundations, projects, etc.)

Being the Donations Coordinator I get to work with a lot of organization locally in the state of Utah. Giving back to our community and our industry is super important to us at SMITH and to me personally. I am most proud of the long term relationship we have with giving gear support to the Special Olympics

What is your top pick from the Smith Optics collection this season?

It's a toss up between the IO7 goggles which look good on girls and guys all face shapes and sizes or the CATTASTIC squad goggle … yes we have goggles with cats on the Strap.. and who doesn't love CATS??!!

Smith Optics Squad Goggles with Cat Straps

What is your favorite pick from the SheShreds collection?

This is so hard I love everything from SheShreds New winter line. From the Tall tee steeze tee shirt, to the crew neck sweatshirt with zipper pockets, not to mention that long adorable flannel, and my staple this winter is the Camo all weather jacket.

Camo All Weather Women's Jacket SheShreds Crew Sweatshirt With Zippered Pockets

What is your favorite food?

Chips and salsa hands down!

What is your favorite memory from skiing or riding?

Some of my favorite moments are spent by getting to the hill early, booting up, and taking my first chair alone. Scoping the fresh powder or corduroy look at the new park set up and all the while giving thanks for the ability and passion to do this sport. My heart beats for riding and this industry-- in these morning moments nothing else matters but shredding.

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