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Q&A Pros N Joes: Director Kimber Rajoo

by Virginia Buechel on November 12, 2015

Kimber Rajoo Director of Pros N JoesThe 9th Annual Pros N Joes Event is coming up in Okeeheelee Park, West Palm Beach in association with the South Florida Wakeboarding Association on Saturday, November 14th from 8am-5pm. The SheShreds Team is excited to be part of the event as a sponsor, so we wanted to catch up with their Director, Kimber Rajoo and learn a bit more about the event.

"The event is designed to give amateur wake riders in South Florida the opportunity to not only meet pro-level wakeboarders and wakeskaters but to ride with them as well. It is also an opportunity to make Palm Beach County relevant in wake related sports.

The SFWA is dedicated to this purpose, with wakeboarding one day getting into the Olympics. Our intention each year is to make this a family event that will attract both hard-core wake enthusiasts and the casual observers.'s 9th Annual South Florida Mastercraft."

How did you get started in wakeboarding and action sports?

Growing up in Key West I have been boating my whole life, but we didn't have wakeboarding when I was a young. So naturally when my son was born we had him on our saltwater boat at 2 weeks old (he is now 15), and we were looking for more to do on the water with a newborn. So being "New Parents" we thought we would buy a tube and pull us around the ocean with baby in the tube!!!!

Kimber RajooNeedless to say we returned the tube to Sports authority then next day!! There we looked at a very generic wakeboard. My husband said " Oh, I've tried this in college. It is fun and a great workout". I was like Cool lets get it, I can learn now and teach our boy when he get older.

The next weekend we went to the inter-coastal and I attempted for the fist time ever...Ugh!!!...It was not easy, and it was even more difficult because we had an outboard motor boat which was not a smooth transition in gears so it was definitely a challenge for me, but I loved it!!!

I was hooked, like obsessed!!!! It became my mommy time!!!! I bought a waterproof music headset, and I would just drop in and all my worries and stress of being a new mom were gone!!!! lol 6 months later I walked into the house and told my husband I just got a real wakeboarding boat a Mastercraft and I need your truck to go pick it up!!!! He nearly fell on the floor!!!!

What is your Wakeboard Setup?

My board is a Ronix Krush 134 and my bindings are Ronix Halo.

Kimber Rajoo Setup for Wakeboarding

Tell us a little bit about Pros-N-Joes and what it is.

This year is the 9th Annual Pros-N-Joes. It is a grassroots event that gets the biggest Pros winning the biggest comps to captain a team and we pair them up with Joes which are average riders on their teams. It really is a "one of a kind" event and we are so thankful the Pros take the time to make this happen. Over the years we have seen Joes turn into Pros. Steel Lafferty, Scott Stewart, Noah Flegel, Coco Mendez were all Joes at one time or another at our event, and now they are Pro Wakeboarders winning titles all over the world!!!!! We are so proud of them, and we appreciate that they take the time to give back!!

Pros N Joes Logo

What got Pros-N-Joes started?

P&J was started by Jimmy Beno and with the help of South Florida Mastercraft they came up with the concept to push the sport in South Florida. When they started there really was nothing for wakeboarders who rode boat locally. I remember the first time I heard about the event, and the date was on my birthday. Nov. 8..... I was like I'm sooooo there!!!! I didn't want to be any where else!!!

Kimber Rajoo Pros N JoesI remember I took a spiral notebook and sat in the stands and took notes like a total DORK!!!! I have know idea what I even wrote, but I was way serious!!!! Basically stalked the Pros!!!!! Ugh!!!! Obsessed!!!!!! I had every wakeboard magazine that came out and had been watching every wakeboarding movie I could get my hands on.

Jimmy saw my passion and love for the sport so when he retired he handed the event over to Rishy and I, to keep the dream alive. We are so thankful that he trusted in us with his baby, and we will continue to keep the event going until we feel there is someone with the same passion to pass it on too.

What are some of your favorite memories that you've had through Pros-N-Joes?

Well, up until this year P&J has always been on my birthday weekend, so I always have a blast doing what I love on my Beeeday!!!

One of my silly moments was the first time I meet Nicola Butler.....All I can say was she must have thought help...where's security!!!!!

I wish I had toned it down a bit...I think I had watched her wakeboarding movie CHICK FLICK over 100 times that year alone, so when I finally meet her I just couldn't believe it!!!! #OBSESSEDFAN

Where would you like to see Pros-N-Joes in 5 years?

Well, the lake that we have our event at every year is getting a cable park. It is prob 2 years away. It would be great to have a 2 day event and have a cable division added. Next year will be our 10th Annual so we will be going all out for that too!!! I know that in 5 years there will be some of our Joes now will be the Pros of tomorrow so that will be fun to see them come back as team Captains.

Kimber Rajoo Snowboarding

What is your favorite guilty pleasure (food, activity, etc.)

My most favorite thing to do is to wakeboard!!!! Shockkker!!!! lol I would basically choose that over anything, any day!!!!

A perfect day on the lake with some cold beers, good tunes, and my family and friends... It sounds cliche' but it's true.

My second fav would be hunting on the buggy with cold beers, good tunes, and my family and friends!!!

I do love my Muay Thai boxing that I do with my bestie 3-5 times a week!!!

Other guilty pleasures are Ugg boots, Camo, Pizza, Beer, Guns, Camping, Emojis, Hot Coffee, and Heated car seats.

What is your favorite SheShreds piece from the New Winter Line?

OMG that is soooo hard to just pick one!!!!

Well, I already own the Custom Supply Black Baseball tee and that is the most amazing shirt I have ever owned...In fact I have it on now!!!! I prob wear it more than I should, but it is like having your PJ's on all day!!! Yummm!!!

"The fearless red checkered flannel shirt" looks A-MAZING!!!! Paired with skinny jeans or leggings in the day, and over the knee boots for night!!!!

But wait, I love all things black, so "The Mountains are calling" thermal long sleeve would be on point with jeans and some Uggs..Totally my style!!!

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