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Q&A With PomPom: The First Girls-Only Board Wax Company

by Virginia Buechel on November 17, 2015

SheShreds is excited to bring a new partner and introduce a great brand for women's board sports to the SheShreds family: Pom Pom. They're all about riding with your friends in mind and focusing on the fun of board sports for girl athletes. The POM POM line has hit the SheShreds website with super fun products including wax (surf & snow) and some really rad skateboards with light up LED wheels. To lean more about Pom Pom we sat down with Sarah Cameron, the founder, to get the deets about their community of female athletes.

Pom Pom Girls Skateboards with Light Up Wheels

So tell us where you started with board sports. Also what/who got you started on board sports?

Sarah Cameron Pom Pom Women SnowboardingI grew up in an active, outdoor family with 2 brothers and a sister. I was always trying to keep up with my older brother and started skiing when I was 4. In middle school I became really intrigued with skateboarding (although I didn't have any friends who skated) and I finally was able to buy my own at a neighbor's tag sale. I was so excited and taught myself how to just push around and cruise. I loved both the feeling of skating and trying something new on my own.

After years of skiing, racing and teaching, I decided to try something different and picked up snowboarding my freshman year in college. I remember going to the shop all on my own and buying a Pill 148 with a broccoli graphic (by John Jensen).  Being a vegetarian, I HAD to have that board. And of course the vegan Vans snowboard boots to go along....I wanted to buy my own gear because I had already fully committed to the sport in my head. I guess I'm pretty independent (and determined) because in the beginning I drove up to Mt. Snow all on my own, determined to figure it out, and would hike the beginner area.

It was pretty rad because I met another girl who was just learning as well and there was an immediate kind of friendship---as if we were in it together. And as for surfing, I owe that to my husband, Roger. He taught me when we first started dating 15 years ago and I've been hooked ever since. There's always been something about the ocean that I truly love and surfing is another way to connect. That's the great thing about board sports--there's at least one for every season!

You started the industry's first girl-focused wax for all board sports, POMPOM. Tell us what POMPOM is.

Pom Pom Wax & Skateboards for Girls

POM POM came about unintentionally and without a business plan but definitely as a response to so many brands and companies ignoring girls within the action sports industry. When an industry ignores girls, the environment isn't welcoming and approachable---and it turns girls off. Our mission has always been to encourage equal participation in the male-dominate action-sports industry by giving special focus on products and marketing for girl athletes. We are super honored to have a team of amazing athletes across surfing, skating and snowboarding who promote the brand. 

Pom Pom Surf WaxWhat "switch" was turned on for you to start POMPOM?

    It was the realization that brands can unintentionally focus in on gender which only perpetuates un-equal participation in sports. By not including, you are excluding--not to say that it's malicious exclusion. By introducing a product like wax for the female market, which would most typically seem like a product that only guys use, it was a way to make a statement.

    What is your goal you hope to accomplish with girls in the board industry with POMPOM?

      I really just want to see more and more girls participating in action sports because they feel welcome--and brands have a lot of power and influence. If a little girl sees a POM POM cruiser board and wants to learn to skate because of it, then POM POM's mission is accomplished. 

      Sarah Cameron Pom Pom Drawing

      Drawing By Sarah's Daughter

      What are some recent projects you are working on with POMPOM ("Ride With Your Friends")

        Surf Session with Pom Pom Wax for WomenPOM POM's slogan is "Ride With Your Friends." We believe that you always have more fun when you #RideWithYourFriends. Friends are there to support, inspire and motivate you to try things that you might not otherwise try. Anyone can join the campaign!

        Just get yourself a POM POM POPSTiCK (order now--they ship Nov. 24th), share your journey on Instagram by tagging @iheartpompom and #RideWithYourFriends #POMPOMPOPSTiCK for a feature on our feed!

        What is your favorite food after a shred session?

          Hands down, Mexican is my all time favorite food. 

          What is your favorite place to ride?

            Honestly, these days we have the most fun back at the small town resorts that we grew up going to. And building a backyard park too :)

            What are your weapon(s) of choice (boards)?

              Right now I'm riding a super fun Bataleon Feel Better and boots are always ThirtyTwo :)

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