DIY SheShreds Pumpkin for Halloween

October 27, 2015

DIY SheShreds Pumpkin

Instructions are as follows:

Required items pumpkin, knife, toothpick, logo, scissors, sharpie.

Cut off the top of the pumpkin and remove guts.DIY SheShreds Pumpkin
Cut out logo, remember to leave the space that connects the parts of the logo.

DIY SheShreds Pumpkin
Pin the logo on the pumpkin using the toothpicks.DIY SheShreds Pumpkin
Trace the logo using a sharpie.

DIY SheShreds Pumpkin
Remove toothpicks and logo cutout and begin cutting on sharpie line (tip: it is much easier if you cut the logo in portions when cutting it out).

DIY SheShreds Pumpkin
Place a candle inside and see your creation glow!

DIY SheShreds Pumpkin

    Special THANKS goes out the SheShreds Ambassador Mel B. for the great photos and instructions!

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