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Snowboard Fitness Goals & Tips with Trainer JulieAnn Castillon

by Kelly Vance on September 11, 2018

JulieAnn Fitness Coach for Snowboarding

Snowboarding season is almost upon us! Are you ready? Mentally I am sure we are all there. How about physically? We do tend to stay pretty active during the summer but is your body strengthened where it should be for those first turns on the snow?

Fitness is key to snowboarding, especially in terms of endurance, strength and balance. Today, I would like to show you some quick and simple moves you can incorporate into your workout regimen or use on their own to help build up your endurance,strength and balance for snowboarding season.

Get Your Feet In The Air!

Let’s start with my favorite. Plyometric Jumping. Now these moves are friends of mine! They really prepare you for leaps and jumps on the hill. 

Move #1: Jumping Squats

When doing a jump squat your feet should be a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. Squat down with the intention of using all your energy to drive you vertical or “up”. As you jump up you will pull your knees with you and bring your hands to your knees and tap. When you land, you should land softly. Try to land lightly using the method of landing first with your toes, then with the ball of your foot, and lastly heel. Toe, Ball, Heel as they call it.

Benefits of Jumping Squats

Jumping squats will give you an intense workout and really strengthen those legs. *IF you find them to difficult to avoid injury you can start with regular stationary squats. Then move up a level to just jumping up out of the squat and sticking your landing without the knees and hands.


Move #2: Lunges


You can do these with added weight (dumbells) or alone by themselves. If you are using weights make sure your body is warm before adding more weight. You don’t want to pull anything!

How To Complete Your Lunge Properly

While keeping your back straight, step forward with your lead leg. Once lead leg hits your visual marker, inhale and allow knee to bend until it reaches a 90 degree angle. Exhale and forcefully push through the heel of the lead leg until you’ve reached the starting position once again.

Move #3: Keeping Your Core Strong

Core Strength

Keeping that core of yours strong is important in snowboarding. It supports your spine and helps with things like balance! In this regimen I will have you use Medicine Ball Crunches.

Be Sure To Keep Your Alignment Correct

For these you will . Elevate your upper body, begin on the floor extend your legs (creating a V shape). Then while gripping your hands on a medicine ball, kettlebell, or dumbbell- begin to twist from right to left, holding the position on each side for a couple of seconds. All while keeping your core tight or “engaged”.

Move #4: Standing Calf Raises

Calf Raises

Another essential muscle you must build for you use these muscles to help you stop and turn a snowboard! For these use weights. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. It's always a good rule of thumb to start with lighter weights, and work your way up to heavier ones. Get two dumbbells of the same weight, and stand with your feet about shoulder width apart.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Have yourself positioned an arms length away from something to keep you stable such as a chair or wall.Let your arms hang along the sides of your body. Make sure that your arms are below your shoulders, and keep a firm grip on the dumbbells.

Lift your heels up. Shift your weight onto the balls of your feet while keeping your legs straight. Continue to keep your arms alongside your body.. There is no arm movement involved, as the weights are meant to train your calf muscles.While your legs should be straight, it's a good idea to keep a micro bend in your knees to avoid locking them up.

Move #5: Pushups

Planks and Pushups

For a beginner snowboarder you may find yourself on the snow a lot picking yourself up! pushups will strengthen your chest, arms and shoulders. Straighten your body behind you. Keep your feet as close together as possible, and always keep your hips low. Imagine that your body is a board. Tightening your abs and glutes will help you keep proper form. If you are struggling or unable to do more than one or two push-ups this way, try one of the following to build strength:

  • Knee Pushups: Follow the instructions above, but keep both knees on the floor. Be sure to use your chest, shoulders, and triceps to lift yourself, not your hips or back.
  • Pushup Position Hold (Plank): Follow the instructions above, but rather than going up and down, hold yourself in the starting position. Aim to be able to hold this for at one minute.
  • Bridge Position: This is the same as the push-up position, but instead of using your hands to hold yourself up, use your forearms. Place them on the ground, shoulder width apart.

Move #6: Tricep Dips

Because why work the other parts of your arm but not the Tri’s!? After that first day back on the hill my triceps generally burn. So condition those too!

Get Yourself Set Up Right

Sit on the edge of the chair and slowly walk your feet forward, lowering your body toward the floor. Don’t allow your buttocks to touch the floor. Keep your hands clasped to the chair and bend your elbows behind you at a 90-degree angle. Exhale and straighten your arms, slowly pressing your body up. Inhale and return to the starting position.

How Many Reps & Sets Should You Be Doing?

I recommend beginners to start with 2 sets of 15 reps of each exercise 3 times a week. Those of you more advanced in fitness 4 sets of 15- 3 times a week.

Great Workout Routines Options Recommended For Snowboarding

Julie C Trainer

I also have found in my fitness journey that a great overall workout program for conditioning for snowboarding season and just LIFE in general is Insanity Max 30! Insanity uses a variety of plyometric drills combined with interval training - which is all of the moves I have shown you above and MUCH MORE! Insanity isn’t just for conditioned athletes. They show you modification on all moves incase you haven’t built up that range of motion quite yet. Which is great! We are all on different fitness levels.

You perform each of the exercises for a 30-60 seconds depending on the workout for that day, including exercises such as squat jacks and power jumps. Then in the Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Shaun T (the mastermind behind this program) runs you through fat-burning plyometrics and intervals of high-speed cardio exercises.

It is a great overall program that will condition any and everyone- and for all sorts of athletes and sports. Want to take your fitness to the next level and get shredded results? Try this. Available through me as your free fitness coach.

Contact me for more info! Or sign up directly at or email me directly at

Julie C.

Special THANK YOU goes out to Julie Ann for this great fitness routine and breakdown for the SheShreds Crew and fans. Shred On Sister!


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