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8 Ambassadors We'd Want by our Side in a Zombie Apocalypse

by Bold Apps on May 03, 2018

In general, we think our ambassadors would fare quite well in a zombie situation - they're strong, physically fit, and accustomed to being in stressful situations.  Plus, a lot of them own a ton of protective gear, survival gear, weapons and more.  But a few have special skills that we think would help them rise above the rest - here are our picks for 8 ladies we think would fare especially well: 

Stacy Pokrywka - has the organizational skills and wisdom our group would need to lead our group and keep us alive. Top that off with her impressive level of physical fitness, and Stacy would have all we'd need to help us outrun the walkers. 


Amanda Poindexter - this snowboarder also has the construction and green building knowhow to ensure that we'd have functional toilets and solar panels. 


Abigail Berg - this mountain adventurer knows how to live off the land - from raising livestock to defending us with her chainsaw... and building us features to shred when there were no zombies around, she'd be a key asset in our group. 


Colleen Daugherty - we know from The Walking Dead that bow and arrow skills get us far in an apocalypse situation, and this girl has those in spades... Plus she has the medical background to be some help in an emergency. 

Meg Krofcheck - we'd need a tough girl who knows martial arts to be our fighting trainer, and as a bonus, she could lead some yoga classes to stretch out our aching muscles. 

Lainey Severson - this autocross driver would be our pick for a getaway driver - we know she could handle any kind of driving hazards with ease and confidence. 

Marcel Sanchez - her passion is downhill longboarding, but she's also a supersmart med student, and every group needs a doctor! 

Alice Vitello - with fighting skills, tons of knowledge, and familiarity with a variety of weapons, this ambassador is sure to be an asset against the dead. 


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