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Guide For Women's Snowboarding Boots & Bindings

by Virginia Buechel on October 20, 2015

The SheShreds Team wants to ensure you have the right gear for your snowboarding adventures this winter. If you are past the rentals and have your outerwear clothing bought and ready to wear, we have some great tips that can help you with snowboard boots and binding shopping.

Women's Guide for Snowboard Boots & Bindings

For the most part men are the focus of the snowboarding industry, but the SheShreds Crew know that girls and women kick butt snowboarding, so we're here to help. With some helpful tips and guide on buying snowboard boots and bindings, the SheShreds Team is excited to give you the INFOGRAPHIC on buying women's snowboard boots and bindings for the winter.

Where To Buy Your Snowboard Boots & Bindings

Now that you’ve figured out what boots or bindings are working best for you, you can begin to do some research and learn more about some of the top picks out there for your snowboard gear. Luckily the SheShreds Crew can start you off on the right foot with their snow gear packages that we’ve put together for you. Also with help from our ambassadors and athletes we have some helpful reviews and suggestions about the gear that they are going to be rocking on the slopes this season.

Burton Scribe Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings for Women ReviewBurton Scribe Re:Flex Snowboard Bindings for Women

“I'm dying to get my hands on these bad boys. Super responsive on all terrain with a more flexible mounting system to minimize dead zones. This means more flexibility in the park and a smoother flow through the powder. The high back allows for a more natural leg feel and they are most compatible with the newer style high back boots. Can't wait to ride these this season.” - Laura Kaminski

Burton Ritual Snowboard Boot - Women's ReviewBurton Ritual Snowboard Boots for Women

“Because they are totally park specific! They have a soft feel, they have an awesome footbed to help with any chatter, and they have a DynoLite EST sole for a skate feel. My old boots had a sole similar to this which I really loved. I can also heat mold the liners which really comes in handy to get a more comfortable fit. It also sounds like they will be super warm with the reflective foil in them! I’ve been riding Burton boots for the past 4 years now and I absolutely love their boots. I would love to have these boots to help me continue to progress in the park and in the streets. These boots would be a perfect fit for me (not to mention they're super cute)!” - Holly Tetzlaf

Union Trilogy Snowboard Binding - Women’s Review

Union Trilogy Snowboard Binding - Women’s

“Universal toe strap is super convenient for people who like toe caps and regular toe straps being able to switch back and forth is worth it. Stiffer for more control at the bottom of the binding but flexible at the top. Super light, super sturdy, heavy duty bindings.” - Dee Spencer

ThirtyTwo 86 FT Snowboard Boot - Women'sThirtyTwo 86 FT Snowboard Boot - Women's

“Being able to adjust your boots on the fly is really nice. With dual quick adjusts you are able to have the lower part of your laces looser to where your toes do not fall asleep or get cramped, and have the upper part tight for extreme control of your board.”  - Dee Spencer

Guide for Women's Snowboarding Boots & Bindings

When Buying Women Snowboard Boots:

The most important thing you can do when buying boots is TRY THEM ON. Don’t assume something is going to fit right because it’s your shoe size. All boots fit differently. Snowboard boots are sometimes suggested to be sized larger than your shoe size.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive snowboard boot on the market but that $50 used pair on Craigslist is likely to create more pain and suffering than the savings is worth. Be prepared to spend a little so that you can get a boot that fits properly and keeps you comfy.

If you’re buying a full setup, select your boots before your bindings so that you can make sure you have a good fit. Although bindings are sized generally to fit certain shoe sizes, the profile of different boot manufacturers can vary and impact the fit.

Another tip for buying women snowboard boots and bindings, is to make sure you are buying products made for women. The men’s boots and bindings are shape and structured differently and will not fit properly. One of the most important things when you are buying women snowboard equipment, comfort is one of the most important parts. Check more of the details below about how to buy your snowboard boots and bindings.

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