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3 Tips for Beginner Mountain Biking & Health Benefits

by Virginia Buechel on October 01, 2015

Mountain Biking For WomenWhile Summer is a thing of the past, it could be a challenge to keep yourself busy during the Fall weather months, if you are waiting for that white stuff. If you are a action-sports athlete during the summer, like surfing or wakeboarding, there are plenty of activities for you to pick up as the weather turns. Mountain biking is a great sport that most people can take up with ease. There are a few things to keep in mind when biking, but the health benefits will encourage you to keep getting better.

Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

Before the weather turns bitterly cold and the snow starts piling up, mountain biking is a great way to keep yourself in shape and enjoy the outdoors. Even if you don’t have mountains, any off-roading biking is a great decision to keep your legs healthy and strong for daily workouts or if you are waiting for the snow season.

Mountain biking is a great source of health benefits for women and girl athletes including reducing the risk of breast cancer. There was a study done that concluded that women who biked for more than 30 minutes each day had a reduced risk of breast cancer. Also teenagers that bike have a 48% less likely to be overweight as an adult.

Also by increasing heart rate in an exercise like mountain biking, it greatly improves your heart health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity should be completed by each adult for healthy cardio exercise per week.

For those looking for cardio workout options, biking is much safer and better for your joints as you keep your legs strong, compared to running. Many women athletes experience knee and ankle problems in action sports, but mountain biking is a great alternative as it is much easier on your joints with less impact.

Girl Mountain Biking for Health

What To Wear:

When you are getting ready to go mountain biking it depends on the time of day, weather, and trail conditions. The SheShreds Collection has some great options for you to use during all conditions.

Cooler Conditions?

It’s a bit chilly out in the morning you head out to ride, don’t fret you can cover up with the SheShreds Baseball Tee or the SheShreds Terry Pullover. You can have a light cover for your arms for protection from trees or branches while riding. These are great options you can perform and look good in while riding.

Terry Pullover

Warmer Weather

If it’s a bit warmer and you want to wear a short-sleeve, the new SheShreds Long Tee is perfect for mountain biking. It will keep you cool but with the long length it will help keep your backside covered when you are biking. Also the SheShreds In Motion Shorts are a great option to help prevent chafing while riding.

In Motion Active Shorts for Women

If you are looking for some gear and accessories for your mountain biking, our partners at Backcountry have some great brands and must-haves. If you’ve never mountain biked before there are some things to keep in mind before you start off:

Women Mountain BikingBraking:

It can be very tricky when you are heading downhill and you need to slow yourself down. Naturally some people will use their rear brake, but if squeezed too much, you can go into a skid and lose control. Keep in mind you can lightly use your front brake as it has more weight heading downhill, but be sure to be careful as you don’t want to launch yourself over your handlebars. As you use your front brake it’s a good idea to sit back and use your rear brake too to balance the speed out.

Heading Up:

As you are going uphill it’s important to shift into a lower gear to put less pressure on the chain and easier for your pedaling. Also be sure to stay seated, so that your rear wheel can keep a grip on the terrain. If you stand, you may lose grip behind and have trouble continuing your climb. Also be sure to lean towards the front wheel to make sure your keep the weight balanced throughout your bike.

Going Down:

When you begin your descent, it’s a good idea to shift your chain into the larger ring to prevent the chain from bouncing off in rough terrain and also in case of a crash, it’s less likely to cut into your leg. Also when heading downhill, it’s important to remain relaxed and not lock your body up and use your shoulders to help lean into your turns. Also use your legs to absorb the shock of heading downhill by straddling the seat of your bike. When it gets steeper, drop your center of gravity to balance out the bike a bit more.

The SheShreds Team is always encouraging our crew to get out and try new things. Mountain biking is a great opportunity for women athletes to stay in shape, improve their daily health, and also try something new. If you are an experienced mountain biker and have some advice for beginners be sure to join us on our Facebook Group, Lady Shredders. Be sure to share your outdoor adventures with the SheShreds Team by tagging us across your social media posts.

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