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Sit Down With Gina Duffy & New SheShreds Logo

by Virginia Buechel on August 27, 2015

What made SheShreds Team decide to change the logo?

We've had so much momentum and excitement around the brand, and my goal is to get SheShreds to the next level…as in, Let's Blow This Up! It's something that I've wanted to do and the timing ended up being perfect. This spring we were introduced to an amazing creative team (7d8 Design) who are a collective of previous Nike branding folks and other creative masterminds. They opened up their own shop in Salt Lake and have worked with clients like Skull Candy, Coach, Nike, New York Times, Harvard University and American Cancer Society to name a few. PRETTY IMPRESSIVE! We had instant chemistry with their team and really wanted to take our brand ID to the next level. If anyone who could help us achieve that goal, it was this group! They were super pumped on the SheShreds mission and message and couldn't wait to dive in with us on the project. They've really helped us refine our statement of purpose and overall brand. We were so excited to roll it out!

Tell us a little about the new crown design

This simple mark symbolizes the essence of She Shreds through the peaks of mountaintops, the points of a crown, chain links of community, and a double S monogram. Once I saw it, I knew that was The One. It's simple, bold, graphic and it's extremely versatile. The ambassadors have been having fun adding it to their 'shred pics' on social media.

What kind of cultural change do you expect from the new logo design?

My goal is to open SheShreds up to a much wider audience. I want females of all ages to be super excited to wear our gear and feel that it fits perfectly with their lifestyle. With the new logo if you're a Tomboy this works, if you're a girly girl, this design works. As a matter of fact, if you look at the logo, there is nothing particularly "girly" or feminine about it and due to that simplicity of design we're able to use color or patterns to make it either low key for adult women, we can give it more of a tomboy vibe or bright pink leopard for girly girls, it will work either way. We realize that our females have such a wide range of styles and are such a wide range of ages we want to be able to cater to all of them. We may continue to use the original logo with some of the kids gear ongoing as its popular with the little girls.

What is your favorite part of the new logo?

It's so simple and timeless. That's what I was looking for…a logo that will stand the test of time because we don't plan on going anywhere.

Check out our "Design Principles" around the SheShreds brand. There were lots of meetings and exercises that were required to boil down the essence of SheShreds and here's what it came down to. I hope everyone is stoked on the logo. We've received so much positive feedback and a lot of new followers. We can't wait to bring you the new Fall Winter line!

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