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2019 Women's Wake Buyer's Guide

by Kelly Vance on May 09, 2019

Every year we poll our hundreds of ambassadors to find out what they're riding and why they love their boards.  Get the lowdown on the top wakeboards, with advice from girls who ride on the regular and test the limits of their boards. 

Need answers to some of your questions about shopping for a wakeboard?  Scroll down to the bottom for our FAQ.

Top Women's Wakeboards for Cable Park

Cable park boards are designed with park features in mind.  Wider, longer, and softer flexing, these boards are easy to spin and fun to press, making rails and jumps a lot easier.  

2019 Slingshot Valley


Pro Wakeboarder and Team athlete Taylor McCullough rides the Slingshot Valley for park.  This softer flex rocker board is a lot of fun on rails and boxes, and helps Taylor achieve those styley tail presses that we all love. 

"It’s a strong durable board and has great flex. I’ve been riding the valley for 3 years and have never broken one. I always love the graphics on them because they’re not all girly and sparkly (just not my style)." - Taylor McCullough

"Absolutely love this setup!" - Kodi Immondi 

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2019 Liquid Force Metric


2019 Liquid Force Metric

Ambassador Jordan Wolfe loves the Metric





 Designed for hard charging park riders, this board features plenty of pop, a three stage rocker, and a smooth concave hull design for easy turns. Soft flex will make your presses buttery, and the sintered grind base material is perfect for rails and boxes. 

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2019 Hyperlite Union

2019 Hyperlite Union

Ambassador Alex McWhorter loves the Hyperlite Union for Park


This lightweight and durable board has a great flex and is perfect for the park.  This is a men's board, but comes in sizes that will work for many female riders as well. 

"Oh, I love this board!" - Alex McWhorter


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Top Women's Wakeboards for Boat

Wakeboards designed for boat tend to be shorter and stiffer, with great pop and control.  They also feature base contours and fins designed to help with control. 

2019 Liquid Force ME

2019 Liquid Force ME

Ambassador Ellie "Soda" Patrick loves her Liquid Force ME


Megan Ethell's signature board was a favorite amongst our ambassadors for boat.  This 3-Stage Hybrid Rocker board has a stiffer flex and is built for pop. 

"I am absolutely obsessed with the ME it’s my favorite board I have ridden. Highly recommend it!" 
- Ellie Patrick

"I love the shape - even if you don't do the trick correctly, the board lands you and its easy to get your balance back!"

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2019 Hyperlite Prizm


2019 Hyperlite Prizm

Ambassador Alisa Topper recommends the Hyperlite Prizm


With a 3 Stage Rocker, and Hyperlite's Women's-Specific Satin Flex, make the Prizm a hard-charging boat board with great pop, great edge hold, and easy landings.   With removable fins, this board can also be used for occasional park riding. 

"Very forgiving on landings. I’ve never caught an edge on it. And the core is very strong and durable."
- Alisa Topper

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2019 Ronix Quarter Til Midnight

2019 Ronix Quarter Til Midnight

Ambassador Cate Siniscalchi recommends the Quarter til Midnight


This super fun and poppy board has a more forgiving flex than some of our other boards listed, making it suitable for intermediate and beginner riders as well as the more advanced. 

"The rocker profile makes the board ride higher so its harder for you to catch your edge which. It also gets a ton of pop."
- Cate Siniscalchi 

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Top Women's All-Around Wakeboard

Manufacturers also make wakeboards with features that enable them to be used on either boat or park.  These boards often blend the features of park and boat boards, and usually offer removable fins. 

2019 Slingshot Contrast


For those who ride a mix of boat and cable and can't have two boards, our team athlete Taylor McCullough recommends the Slingshot Contrast.  With four removable fins, and flexy tips, this board is super fun in the park, but can also handle boat riding.  This board is pro wakeboarder Carro Djupsjo's pro model.  

"Because of the Flex Tips, this board has all of the good features of a cable board, but it's still stiff in the middle, so you can still get a good pop off the wake." 
- Carro Djupsjo 

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Our Recommendations for Beginners

Whether you're just getting started and looking for a board that'll help you master the basics, or you're an intermediate rider that mostly just shreds for fun - these forgiving and easy to ride wakeboards are a great choice for progression and affordability.


2019 Hyperlite Eden


2019 Hyperlite Eden


Ambassador Erin Eblen rides the Hyperlite Eden


The Eden is a boat-focused board built with progression in mind.  It's asymmetrical shape medium flex and thin molded-in fins are designed to be stable, comfortable, and fun.

"I love it. I’ve had it for YEARS. I’m not the most aggressive wakeboarder and I think it would be fine for beginners,"
- Erin Eblen

"The Eden 2.0 has an asymmetrical design that is designed to help a new rider with their toe side edge without having a hard edge catch. It still pops very nicely. It is a great board to begin and progress on, and fun to cruise on. I wouldn't recommend it for a rider looking to do big tricks, the landings may be a little bit harder."

- Natalie Graham


2019 Liquid Force Jett


2019 Liquid Force Jett


Ambassador Natalie Graham rides the Liquid Force Jett



A forgiving and approachable board great for many skill levels, the Jett handles easily on the water, but also has some great pop.   Although it's marketed mostly to beginners, this board is fun enough to grow with you as you progress! 

"The landings on this board are nice on my knees and that's really important to me." - Natalie Graham

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Wakeboard Buyer's Frequently Asked Questions: 

What's the difference between a cable park wakeboard and a boat wakeboard? 

Cable park boards tend to be wider, longer, and softer flexing.  They're designed to be easy to spin and fun to press, making rails and jumps a lot easier.  Cable boards also have a smooth base with no fins, so you won't have anything to catch on your favorite park features!  Boat boards, on the other hand are designed to be more stable in choppy water and poppy across the wakes.  This requires a stiffer flex and channels and/or fins in the bottom of the board - each manufacturer has their own design for the shape and placement of these fins! 

With regards to sizing a board for yourself, most of our ambassadors preferred a 2-4CM longer board in the cable park than what they ride for boat.  

Can I buy just one wakeboard if I want to ride cable and boat? 

Polling our ambassadors on this question, the responses were mixed, but most wakeboarders owned a separate wakeboard for boat and park. While most serious wakeboarders have a different board for boat and park.  However, some do ride and enjoy boards that have some hybrid features such as removable fins, and really like them. 

The bottom line recommendation:  if you can only afford one board, think about what you'll be riding most, and grab a board that's suited to that style of riding.   If you plan to switch it up occasionally, look for a board that has the best features for your primary riding style, but the ability to move between disciplines - eg. the Hyperlite Prizm is a boat focused board that has removable fins so that it could be ridden in the park once in a while. 

Do I need a women's-specific wakeboard?

Sometimes it's a little difficult to tell if manufacturers just "shrink and pink" their boards, or if they truly make changes that are really important to women.  Our pro team athlete Taylor McCullough rides a women's board for park and a men's board for boat, and she says "Some women’s boards may be the same mold as a men's board but might be a bit lighter or a tiny more flexy." Other boards may just come in smaller sizes in the women's model.   Smaller women will undoubtedly find more options in their preferred sizes in the women's boards, but taller/heavier ladies will find viable options in the men's section as well, though you might not love all of the graphics. 

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by Alex McWhoretr on June 26, 2019

Really great article!! So many really great boards on this list too!


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