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2018 Women's Snowboard Buyer's Guide

by Bold Apps on November 16, 2017

Want the latest?  Check our 2021 version of this guide! 


Top women’s snowboards you need this season!

Everyone has their own preferences for snowboard style and board type. Whether you prefer park snowboarding, all mountain, or powder, we have board recommendations for you.

To find the best of the best 2017-18 snowboards we asked our SheShreds ambassadors and board experts what they prefer. We then reviewed the snowboards and put together this list of our top choices for each riding style. We hope to help you find a snowboard that rides great and is unique to you.


4 Top Women’s All-Mountain 2018 Snowboards

All-mountain snowboards are meant for park, powder, and hill riding. While we understand that it wouldn’t be perfect in all aspects of riding. They are very well equipped to do a bit of everything.


This board is very versatile and has a great pop in the park but also has a killer carve through the powder and trees. The board has an asymmetrical twin shape with an even deeper heelside cut. Featuring the rocker/camber/rocker shape, it has a ripsaw rocker camber profile. The Proto Type Two has a medium flex which means it has pop but also can hold deep carves. It’s the perfect board for any kind of riding you would like.

Ambassador Emily Lonkhurst says:

“The proto is a great all mountain board that’s still maneuverable and fun.”

Just right for: A rider who wants to progress in all aspects of snowboarding. It is most recommended for an intermediate to experienced rider. The board has a medium flex perfect for carving and jump lines. However, it is not the right board for primarily park riders.

On this board, you can rip just about anything you choose. It has a freestyle inspired true twin shape with a responsive flex pattern. It has more of a medium-stiff flex. So while it may not be very good with presses, you’ll have a killer carve and an easy landing on jumps. You will have confidence at higher speeds and a great time on this board. How could you not love it? Also the graphics are so rad!

Ambassador Ashley Lutterbach says:

“It’s my all-time favorite snowboard!

It gives me a sweet, light “pop” but is durable when I’m riding in the park…”

Just right for: Intermediate riders who would love to shred the hills with a few tricks thrown in but also hit the park every once in awhile.


This board have a super cool shape, designed to let you do just about anything on the mountain. It is a short fatty (very wide) and it is directional. With a fusion rocker camber style, you will be able to float through powder, snap out of turns, and even hit the park. The board has a medium flex and a camber/rocker/camber shape. It is recommended for intermediate-advanced riders.

Ambassador Mickinly Bassett says:

It carves like a dream and holds edge like a champ when you’re just rallying down the mountain. Super snappy and playful.”

Just right for: Intermediate-advanced riders who want to shred it up in all aspects of riding, but whose primary focus is steep and deep. 

2018 GNU Ladies Choice - Click to Shop

“Live for the moment” on the Gnu ladies choice. With an asymmetric balanced design you will perform better without feeling as tired. This board was designed by Jamie Anderson to literally do anything. Whether you’re getting sendy in the park, taking on the backcountry, or just cruising down the hill, this board will be right there with you. It has the banana technology with rocker/camber hybrid. It gives you aggressive riding but also freestyle freedom.

Ambassador Courtney Black says:

“I love the board because it allows me to be confident on the mountain and try new things because of its poppiness when needed. It’s just an overall fun board.”

Just right for: Intermediate-advanced riders looking for a fun ride that will give you anything you want and more.


5 Top Women's 2018 Park Snowboards

Are you a park rat who doesn’t feel the need to shred anywhere else? Except maybe when you’re body starts to feel like noodles. Well, if you are, we completely understand you and we have the perfect board suggestions for you!

Not only has this board won three of the Transworld SNowboarding Good Wood awards, but a lot of our ambassadors ride it and love it. This board has a soft flex and is so fun to play around on. It has an urban profile with reverse camber and Flat Kick tip technology. It is definitely a park board but can also take turns on the hills.

Ambassador Grace Hiljus says:

“This board is absolutely perfect. I’ve learned so many tricks on it and rarely catch my edges. It is so light, flexy, and playful.”

Just right for: An intermediate-advanced rider really trying to progress in park. Someone who’s looking for a flexier board and wants to play around and shred it up!


Look at how beautiful this graphic is! The ride rapture has a rocker shape and is a soft forgiving park board, making it also a good choice for beginners. You will quickly be able to progress on it.

The rapture is easy to ride and tracks comfortable and intuitively whether you’re riding forwards or switch.

Just right for: Someone who is a progressing beginner or intermediate rider looking to get into riding park. If you want a forgiving yet playful board, this is the one for you.



Oh Yeah!! We have a forgiving freestyle board here. It’s a medium to soft flex The rock out camber profile gives you the response of a camber with the playfulness of a rocker board. This board pretty much allows you to do anything. Live it up and scream oh yeah while you’re learning new tricks!

Just right for: Intermediate to advanced riders wanting to go for all the jumps and jibs they can get.


The Roxy XOXO will always give you that aggressive riding in the park. With a rocker shape combined with radial camber, you will have that freedom and the control. A medium flex makes this board really fun on jumps. You’ll have a very good time in the park on the XOXO.

A board that provides effortless play and seamless control

Just right for: Someone who is looking to crush the jump lines and jib on rails. Most recommended for an intermediate rider.


With a buttery flex and Bataleon's Triple Base Technology, this board is made for jibbers looking for a loose feeling board that locks into presses, but still maintains the pop of camber. 

SheShreds Staffer Kelly says: 
"Bataleon's Triple Base is so fun that I've generally given up on other snowboard brands."  

Just right for: Jibbers and park riders who want a board that'll handle the whole mountain.  This board is also forgiving enough for a progressing beginner. 

4 Top Women’s Pow-Pow/Big Mountain Boards of 2018

Are you a rider constantly looking for that fluff of powder? Do you want to feel like you’re in the clouds riding on a unicorn? Here’s the best boards for your powder riding majesticness.

While this board is mainly meant for deep powder riding, it is also versatile enough to ride as an all-mountain board. It has the directional  rock out camber profile meant for float and control. The middle of the board is flat for stability, near your feet is camber for response, then the tip and tail extend to rocker for float. The board is a bit wider and shorter for a powerful and responsive set up. It has a medium flex perfect for pop and great edge to edge turns.

Ambassador Louise Upton says:
“It is the best snowboard I have ever ridden! It is aggressive, it floats in pow, it can cruise through the trees, it’ll jump off anything, it’s fast and playful!"

Just right for:  Big mountain riders who seek out the powder and steeps but would like to hit other parts of the mountain every once in a while. I would not recommend this board to beginners or anyone who doesn’t prefer powder riding.

This board is perfect for just floating through powder. It is a directional board in shape and flex with a rocker type shape. It has more flex in the back so you can maintain control in the powder. It is really recommended that this board is used by advanced-expert riders. It has a medium flex and will float like a champ.

“You’ll be able to power through the powder like it’s your day job.”

Just right for: Someone looking to only ride powder who is an advanced to expert rider. If you are a beginner, I recommend looking at something else.

The K2 Wildheart is a winner of the Transworld Snowboarding Good Wood award. This board has been on our top list for 2 years in a row now, and rightfully so. And it seems as if the graphics just keep getting better. Leanne Pelosi designed this versatile board to float in powder. It is short and nimble for that modern surf feeling. It’s a directional camber baseline with camber between your feet and rocker on the tip and tail for extra float. It has a stiffer flex, and is very light and maneuverable.

Perfect for powder lovers but also people who want to play on other parts of the mountain as well.

Just right for: Riders who enjoy riding a powder and trees, and love a surfy feel to their snowboard. If you enjoy all aspects of the mountain and powder this board is great. 

The Arbor Swoon Rocker is also on its second year of being on our list. The graphic has Arbor’s trademark wood grain, with a beautiful print of animals and plants! What’s not to love? It offers a twin shape with medium flex for a versatile ride. It is perfect for high speeds major turns, and deep powder. This board would work best for intermediate to advanced riders.

You’ll fall head over heels in love with the appropriately named Swoon Rocker Snowboard after the first run.

Just right for: A rider who spends most of her time looking for steep fast runs, tight trees and powder stashes.  Intermediate-advanced riders will be the most comfortable on this board.

Top Women’s Beginner Snowboards

The K2 First Lite is a perfect board to learn on with little frustration. WIth a rocker baseline, it is a lot harder to catch your edge. Which means, less falling!! It’s a very soft board which makes it more forgiving and playful once you start to progress. You’ll love learning on this board.

Crafted to help new shredders develop their skills quickly and as frustration-free as possible.

Just right for: A beginner snowboarder that wants a very forgiving yet playful board that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Anyone who wants to fall on their bum as little as possible.

The Roxy Sugar Banana has some of the features that makes learning to snowboard as easy as possible. With rocker between the feet, flat to mild camber to contact points, and mild tip pressure, turning will be a lot easier and you’ll have great edge control. This board also has the forgiving soft flex and is fun to jib on.

“A reliable, confidence building board that doesn’t shy away from fun.”

Just right for: A beginner-intermediate snowboarder learning or progressing on the basics.


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