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2018 SheShreds Jamboree #1 at Powder Mountain Recap

by Bold Apps on February 07, 2018

Our first ever SheShreds Jamboree, a Saturday rail jam, clinic series, and lifestyle event at Powder Mountain, went down this weekend, and it was epic!  It was incredible to see such an amazing group of female skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities join the festivities, and such a high level of support for the ladies from Powder Mountain and all of our sponsors.

Check out this fantastic recap from Park City Television and get stoked for our next event on March 3


Advanced Snowboard
1st Place: LeJawn Allen
2nd Place: Micah Anderson
3rd Place: Kaitlyn Elswick

Advanced Ski
1st Place: Kiley Matthews

Intermediate Snowboard
1st Place: Marci Sherman
2nd Place: Meg Matheson
3rd Place: Megan Palmer
4th Place: Ashleigh Roper

Intermediate Ski
1st Place: Alex Moose
2nd Place: Meredith Thomas

Beginner Snowboard
1st Place: Payton Lucas
2nd Place: Lexie Ingles

Beginner Ski
1st Place: Karlie Fitzgerald
2nd Place: Lauren Steele

Grom Snowboard
1st Place: Darci Hayes
2nd Place: Abbi Morgan
3rd Place: Raley Russell

Grom Ski
1. Skylar Lucas


Join us March 3 at Powder Mountain for the next event: 

CLINICS 2pm-5pm Ski and Snowboard disciplines led by some of Sheshreds.co's finest coming in from all over the mountain states. We are beyond stoked to have X Games Pro Park/Pipe and Freeskier Jamie MoCrazy coming to Emcee the rail jams and run a park ski clinic along withPowder Mountain's own Sara Wayman and her crew guiding a few all Mountain Adventure laps! We have also added Melissa Benjamin andAbigail Berg as our judges for ski and board respectively and they will be hosting park seshes after the contests with some help from ambassadorKaitlyn Elswick (See them on our flyer, they are rad!) Also rad hype ladyShanna Anderson will be calling all the action with Jamie!


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