5 Tips To Help You Protect Your Shred Space

April 22, 2015

Here we find ourselves in the middle of April with some important and impactful holidays this week. This week we are going to discuss a couple special days here in the US. April 22nd is Earth Day and April 23rd is Bring Your Daughter (or Son) to Work Day. What a better couple days to get outside, make an impact, and share some time with family.

Earth Day - April 22nd

Started back in 1970 by US Senator Nelson from Wisconsin, Earth Day was born from inspiration to help educate the public about the importance of treating our environment with respect and preserving it for our future generations. From the implementation of Earth Day, the EPA passed the Clear Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts in the US. It’s celebrated every year on April 22 which is a great time for the spring time cleaning and for outdoor enthusiasts to get out and experience Mother Nature.

Being shredders across the world in the mountains, on the water, and in the dirt, we should be thankful for Earth Day for helping us allow more girls to get out there and shred. By protecting the Earth we can continue to encourage women of all ages to get out there and take up a new challenging sport. When you are going out there to ride be sure to keep Mother Nature in mind. As a “She Shredder” you can be the inspiration for future generations to keep our outdoor playground healthy. Keep the She Shreds Values in mind and make a difference with these environmental tips when you’re out there shredding:

  • Use Reusable Containers - Whether you are drinking from a SheShreds Water Bottle or another reusable container, it is a good idea to bring one with you. Not only will you be able to keep your drink cooler in some of the insulated containers, but you will be saving plastic bottles from being used and then disposed of. If you have no choice to use a plastic water or sports drink bottle, be sure to find a recycling container nearby to recycle so it can be reused. If there isn’t one, throw it in your backpack so you can recycle it when you get home. Same goes for packing a lunch if you have a reusable plastic container to stick your lunch in, it is better than the often thrown out plastic zip lock bags.
  • Be Conscious of the Water - When you are applying sunscreen out, especially out on the water wipe your hands off with a towel after applying. Some people are prone to rinse their hands off in the water from any excess lotion, but some chemicals can directly affect and harm wildlife. Also if you are traveling in the water for a wake or surf session be sure to look out for anything in the water that shouldn’t be there, especially netting or fishing line. Which us to our next tip.
  • Clean As You Go - Are you cruising around and see some trash? Pick it up! If you see a floating bottle or some food wrappers laying around. Be a proactive leader and pick them up even if they’re not yours. You may even be seen by someone else cleaning up and it may encourage them to clean up as they go too!
  • Be Eco-Friendly - When those sun rays are beating down on you, be sure to grab your handy Eco-Friendly Limited Edition Floating Bamboo Sunglasses from She Shreds. These swag-a-licious shades will be great on the water because if they slip off you will be able to find them floating nearby for a quick retrieval.
  • Make Memories & Leave No Trace - If you are out and about, be conscious of the environment around you. When you are shredding with friends on the beach, snow, woods, park, or otherwise be sure to create minimal impact on the environment around you. Make memories with pictures and seeing wonders, but don’t break tree limbs or leave trash. Leave your favorite shredding spot the same as you found.


Show Off Your Green Shredding Style

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Author: Ambassador, Virginia Buechel   Follow her on Twitter to see what else she has to say about shredding! @BueWho

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