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6 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day & Protect Your Shred Space

by Bold Apps on April 22, 2018

April 22nd is Earth Day, and those of us who enjoy outdoor action & adventure sports feel the desire to protect our earth perhaps more keenly than most.  We live for our days spent outdoors in nature, so let’s make sure we’re doing our best to keep nature wild! 

Earth Day - April 22nd

Started back in 1970 by US Senator Nelson from Wisconsin, Earth Day was born from inspiration to help educate the public about the importance of treating our environment with respect and preserving it for our future generations. From the implementation of Earth Day, the EPA passed the Clear Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts in the US. It’s celebrated every year on April 22.

At SheShreds, we embrace this celebration! By protecting the Earth we can continue to enjoy the sports we love, and encourage women of all ages to get out there and shred. You, too can  make a difference with these environmental tips when you’re out there shredding:

  • Use Reusable Containers - Whether you are drinking from a water bottle or packing your lunch in a reusable box, every small change you make avoids plastic waste and adds up to big change for Mother Earth.  If you have no choice to use a plastic water or sports drink bottle, be sure to find a recycling container nearby to recycle so it can be reused.

Containers we love: 

Hydroflask has a great reputation for quality reusable containers, including water bottles, coffee mugs and more.  These double walled stainless steel bottles are easy on the environment, lightweight, and keep your water cool and your hot cocoa hot for up to 24 hours!   Shop Hyrdroflask



  • Be Conscious of Water Contamination - When you are applying a product like sunscreen out, especially out on the water, be cautious about getting sunscreen, soaps and lotions into lakes and rivers, where they can harm the wildlife. Even better, use products that are safe for wildlife. 

Don't bring your regular shampoo or dish soap - a biodegradable phosphate free camp soap is ideal for all of your washing up needs! 
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  • Clean As You Go - Are you cruising around and see some trash? Pick it up! If you see a floating bottle or some food wrappers laying around. Be a proactive leader and pick them up even if they’re not yours. You may even be seen by someone else cleaning up and it may encourage them to clean up as they go too!  

  • Be Eco-Friendly - Select products that are eco friendly in their packaging, manufacturing and materials.  At SheShreds we ship many products in reusable zipper bags instead of packaging them in disposable plastic. Customers find all kinds of uses for these reusable bags, and we're proud to ship a useful item instead of something you'll throw in the trash!

Other Eco Friendly Products we Love - Click to Shop: 

  • Leave No Trace - If you are out and about, be conscious of the environment around you. When you are shredding with friends on the beach, snow, woods, park, or otherwise be sure to create minimal impact on the environment around you.  Here are some things you can do to make sure you leave your favorite place the way you found it:
    • Plan ahead and prepare - poorly prepared people often are forced to use solutions with a higher impact on their surroundings. 
    • Never leave any trash behind - pack out what you pack in. 
    • Stay on established trails in natural areas - your footprints and tire tracks can damage sensitive plants and ecosystems. 
    • Keep dogs and other pets on the path with you. 
    • Leave what you find - picking flowers or grabbing other natural items along the trail can upset nature's balance.  Photographs are a great keepsake. 
    • Do your best to leave any natural area exactly as it was when you found it - or pick up some extra trash and make it even better! 

  • Get out there and enjoy nature today!  Doing something fun out in nature can help build an appreciation for our environment and remind you to do your best to help out on Earth Day.  Or if you want to have an immediate impact, join a local clean up effort at your favorite spot! 


    Show Off Your Green Shredding Style

    Want to show the shredding world how you plan to make an impact this Earth Day? Post your photos or videos our Facebook Page to be featured or tag your Instagram photos with #SheShredsGreen.



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