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SheShreds Nation Rising.......

by Gina Duffy on December 18, 2014 celebrates one year partnership with fellow Utah companies, Dogfunk and Boardco and welcomes new affiliate brands on board
Salt Lake City, UT, December 16, 2014 –, a Utah-based, female focused signature clothing brand and online retailer, today announced their one year anniversary with local affiliate partners,, Dogfunk and Boardco along with new partnerships with Utah companies, Niche Snowboards and Powder Mountain Resort. is dedicated to growing the local economy through their business efforts and affiliate partners, but also creating a stronger community among consumers as well. They support a “buy local” mentality, and with their brand going global, partner companies (snow and skate), (wake and wakesurf), and (ski & adventure) are stoked to be part of the growth and momentum. founder, Gina Duffy, established these local affiliate partnerships early on, flourishing solid relationships with industry brands excited to share her message of “Shred on sisters.” Duffy says, “We want to bring brands like these to our customers and plan to scope out more female owned outdoor gear companies to align with, and carry their gear on our site, too.”
Duffy continues, “Our relationship with Boardco has been super collaborative since day one and they are beyond supportive. We are in constant communication about female buyers and buying trends.” She also recently sat down with energetic CEO of Backcountry, Jill Layfield, to discuss and collaborate on industry movements.
Their most recent partnership is an eco-friendly SLC based snowboard company called Niche, run by females. SheShreds is also dedicated to uniting local communities through their Utah partnerships. Duffy recently finalized a partnership with Powder Mountain Resort which will soon provide “Ladies’ Night” on Wednesdays, enabling girls of all boarding levels to ride together in a laid back environment and will feature clinics, demos and learning opportunities weekly.
Duffy is an advocate to her core, and her crew of female athletes contribute to the cause by writing about and reviewing female gear/apparel sold through her online store and affiliates, creating packages structured according to the way a girl shops and rides. These companies then support by giving discounts, fulfilling merchandise requests for TV appearances or demos, and providing commissions based on site click-throughs and sales commissions. • • 801-842-6259 •
Duffy explains that it feels good to unite with local industry companies instead of always competing. SheShreds comes together with local retailers and brands on common ground with a passion for action sports, and end up propelling businesses, the local economy and the SheShreds message.
The benefits of these local partnerships go beyond and directly affect their community of female consumers. Duffy explains, “Not only do the girls feel that supports them but they know they have these big retailers who have their back as well.”
Duffy says, “We must recognize that nobody is a success on their own. We need each other to grow, and we need each other to achieve our goals. That's why we spend so much time working hand in hand with sports associations and organizations that support women in action sports.”
Duffy and the team want to celebrate their affiliate partnership anniversary and budding Utah shredding communities by revving up women everywhere to fiercely hit the slopes. Remember no one can stop you from being you, but you. “Shred on sisters, shred on!”

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