Internationally adopted brand and culture experience ready to take product lines to the next level, uses Indiegogo platform to meet needs of specialty niche retailers

July 09, 2014

Salt Lake City, UT,  July 8, 2014 – After a successful launch in November 2013, was embraced by females, both athlete and non-athlete, bringing a voice of hope and triumph to these females, that they will continue to have a place in the world in action sports. As the brand has grown, so has the demand for hard goods to stock shelves in hyper-local, specialty niche retailer locations, globally. Crowdfunding efforts will directly impact’s ability to meet the demands of their publics, and bring their message a little closer to home.

“I have quickly come to realize that this is bigger than me,” explains Gina Duffy, founder and CEO of  As the merchandise and story gain traction, there are “girls and women of all ages, from all over the world that have reached out to be part of” 

“Every aspect of our business model has been sticky, proven in our first seven months of existence. The phone keeps ringing with orders and meetings streaming in,” Duffy smiles then sighs. “Our challenge is really keeping up with the demand to get merchandise to market.”

 “This infusion will help us take the next steps to ensure we can do just that,” says Duffy. 

  • Increase signature line inventory and distribution channels in specialty niche retailers
  • Design and collaborate with other brands to create unique apparel and hard goods
  • Support more female athletes and events in action and adventure sports with a focus on female access and learning across disciplines

They are looking for backers willing to throw in as little as $10.00 for sticker/bandana pack up to $3,000 for a custom adventure weekend with the founders in remote mountains in Northern Utah.

Lastly, Duffy explains, “I have created a brand to wear as a badge of honor in effort to bring females together in a unified voice to effect change in the industry for access to the sports, R & D, retail focus and respect.”



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