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9 Must-Have Beach Essentials For This Summer

by Gina Duffy on June 02, 2016

By Ambassador: Joanna Brasher

School is officially over and I am ready to hit the lakes, beaches, rivers, and pools, all day everyday! There are few worse things than forgetting something super important, like sunscreen for example. Lately we have had windy and cold weather, making days at the lake few and far between. As we staked our camp at the lake, rolled out the blankets, beached the kayak and started stripping down for sunscreen, it hit me!

I forgot the sunscreen! Now let me tell you, there is nothing stronger than high altitude lake rays, they will crisp your skin in 10 minutes flat. Make sure you are prepared for anything and everything with these super awesome beach must haves! Some are fun and crazy, and some are practical and essential, but all our picks will make the most epic beach day ever.

SheShreds Picks: 9 Must-Have Beach Essentials

​First up is the most awesome float raft ever. The Liquid Force Party Island is the ultimate way to spend the day. Grab a few of your besties and head on out to the water for some relaxing float time.

Sunscreen: this should really be the first thing on the list, but sorry, that float raft is super awesome for a lake day. Back to sunscreen. There are a million brands of sunscreen and it comes in all types and sizes, but what it comes down to for me is, smell. I really don't like the smell of most sunscreens but SunBum Original Sunscreen is one of the best smelling sunscreens ever, not to mention it also works really well, and is free from a lot of the nasty chemicals found in traditional drug store brand sunscreens. 

If you are looking for a great towel that doubles as a blanket and a chill hangout spot, you should check out the Amuse Society Moroccan Towel. It's not your standard boring beach towel. This towel is a circular towel that allows you to have a picnic or wrap yourself up if the weather gets chilly. You don't want to be caught without it.

If you are looking for an actual beach blanket there are a few different options, but I personally have my eyes set on the Sunnylife Picnic Beach Blanket . It comes in a fun summer pattern and zips up into a pouch, which saves room in the trunk. 

​Look alive with pick number five! The Roxy Windy Fly Away is the perfect summer cover up. Stylish and fun it looks great over a bathing suit and pairs well with flips flops.

Speaking of flip flops, The next pick would go great with any cute summer outfit. The Volcom Check In Sandals are one of this summer’s hottest sandals. I personally think that Volcom sandals are one of the most comfortable and durable sandals. I have a few pairs and they have lasted summer after summer on all my wild and crazy adventures. 

​Lucky number seven is brought to you by none other than SheShreds.co. One of my favorite items from the spring collection is the SheShreds Camo Boonie Adventure Hat. I love this hat and my little grom loves it too! So why you ask? First off, it floats! Yep, I tested it out and it floats, so that's pretty handy if you plan on wearing it wake surfing or paddle boarding. Second thing, it protects your whole face, neck and shoulders from the sun. If you dip it in the water it also doubles as a personal air conditioner. Really it’s a great practical, yet stylish purchase. Get yours before they sell out.

If you are like me you love a nice ice cold drink while you hang out with your friends or family on the water. I personally do not care for big bulky coolers that weigh more than I do. Especially when I've got sand toys, a kayak, towels, and other random kid stuff to carry. So I did some research and found the Burton Lil Buddy Cooler. It just my size and keeps two six packs cold the entire day. 

Last but not least, there is always one essential I keep in my bag at all times: Boardshorts. There is nothing worse than wet jean shorts at the beach or lake. It's no fun. You will love the Hurley Phantom Block Shorts . I have these shorts in a few different patterns, they have an elastic waist that is super comfortable and the shorts themselves fit amazing, not too tight, but also not to baggy in the butt. They make you look cute and they also feel great when wet or dry. 

​Those are a few things that I would not want to forget before I headed out to the water. What things can you not leave the house without on your lake or beach trips? Sound out in the comments, and as always...Shred On!


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