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Tech Tip Tuesday: Simple Steps to Save Your Pedals

by Kelly Vance on May 31, 2016
This Tech Tip Tuesday, our resident gear tech & ambassador Kira Martinez wants to give you the basics on pedals.  Whether you're putting the first set of pedals on your new bike or upgrading to a new set, installing bike pedals is one of those things that can cause you all kinds of trouble if you make a simple mistake. 
Begin by identifying the left and a right pedal.  There will be some kind of marking of a "L" for left and "R" for right. The threading is different on each pedal, so it's very important to put them on the correct side.  If you sit on your bike the right pedal will go to your right and the left will go to your left.  Here are some examples:

It's also very important to use grease on the threading of the pedal.  If you don't, the metal can weld together over time and it's not fun trying to take them off again. Coat the threading with a generous amount and make its its greased all the way around.  Our shop uses Park Tool PolyLube 1000.
Now you're good to put your put your pedals on, start by tightening them by hand and then use it with a pedal wrench like this one to tighten it all the way. 

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