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Tech Tip Tuesday: Removing Rust From Snowboard & Skis

by Kelly Vance on May 25, 2016

So at this point, it may seem like our tech expert Kira Martinez has a strong interest in defeating rust - but with good reason, rust is bad!  Today, she teaches us how to deal with rusty edges on skis or a snowboard. 

Kira's tip:

Usually at the end of the season the snow is slushy and water sits on the edges of your ski or snowboard more than usual, especially if you transport your gear on a ski rack. It's a good idea to clean the rust off your edges at the end of the season before you store it away for the summer.

rusted snowboard edge

End-of-season rust.




Need a Gummy Stone? Kira recommends the Swix Soft Gummy Stone.

Swix Gummy Stone snowboard tuning tool

Removing the rust is very easy all thanks to a little thing called a soft gummy stone. It's cheap and cleans your edges up nice.

using a gummy stone on a snowboard edge

No special techniques here, just rub the stone up and down your edges.


 Don't be afraid to apply some pressure - the gummy stone will clean off the rust without making the edge dull. 


Want to hear more about rust? Read last week's Tech Tip Tuesday. 


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