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Skating with Mom: Safety Tips & Gear for Beginner Skateboarding

by Gina Duffy on May 07, 2016

By Ambassador, Joanna Brashear

If you are looking for a good mother-daughter bonding activity, and you both love good challenge, try skateboarding together!   It's a perfect time to get together with the rad moms who are looking to push the limits by skating, biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding or doing any other awesome board sport out there!

If your mom is more about cruising the streets, grab a long board. If she's the type who wants to pull off flip and kick tricks, then a good classic skateboard is the way to go. Either way your mom is going to love the freedom and thrill of skateboarding.

3 Safety Tips for Beginner Skateboarders

First Tip: Helmet

Here at SheShreds we always want you and your family to be safe while pushing limits. There are three main components to skateboard safety. The first is a helmet. Always make sure you are wearing a helmet that fits you and that has not been in any crashes. There are a ton of helmet brands, but what matters most is that you pick a helmet that is comfortable and one that you will actually wear. If a helmet is not comfortable, chances are you will be taking it off halfway through your skate session.

Second Tip: Wrist & Knee Guards

The second key safety element is wrist guards and elbow/knee pads. There are plenty of options ranging from basic to professional, and it’s all a matter of personal choice which brand you choose. G Form is one of the top brands and I can say that they are extremely comfortable and flexible, as well as lightweight. You always want to make sure your elbow and knee pads fit snug and secure, but don't cut off your range of movement.

Third Tip: The Right Shoes

The third key in safety is shoes, make sure you never skateboard in sandals, unless you enjoy losing your big toenail to a skateboard wheel!! Skate shoes are made to skateboard in, they have soles that are durable and can take repeated kicks to the ground. Vans is a classic skate shoe that has been around forever and they also go well with any outfit when you are not out skating.

If you follow these suggestions you are on your way to having a great time skating and also staying safe. Check out our gear guide picks below for the gear you should check out for beginning skateboard sessions with your mom.

Top Gear Selections for Beginner Skateboarders


    SheShreds Custom Longboard

Arbor Skateboard

      PomPom Skateboards

POC Receptor BUG Helmet

G-Form Pro-X Elbow Pads


     Triple 8 Saver Series Pack

Vans SK8-HI Slim Zip

     SheShreds Cropped Pants


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