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Wake Surf Essentials

by Gina Duffy on April 21, 2016

By Ambassador, Joanna Brashear

Now that snowboard season is officially over it's time to focus on all things water!

I recently discovered wakesurfing to be a great alternative to wakeboarding and is also great for all ages and abilities. I set out to find a few key essentials to make your wakesurf sessions the best.

Hyperlite Team CGA Life vest


If you’re looking for a USCG approved life vest the Hyperlite CGA is a great option. It comes in several different sizes and has individual foam panels that drain fast so you’re not weighted down with water. This is a great all around life vest for any water sport.


Liquid Force Melody Comp Vest

If you’re competing in any wake events you will probably want a comp vest. Keep in mind these are not USCG approved, however these are super flexible, extremely lightweight and come off and on quickly during competitions.

Billabong Peeky Wetsuit Top

I am always cold, which means I always wear some sort of wet suit. This Billabong Peeky wet suit top is perfect for warm windy days when you just need a little help staying warm. It also comes in a super chic style that goes well with any solid board short or bikini bottom.

Inland Surfer 4Skim Caro Villanueve Pro Model

This board is perfect for all us ladies who need a lighter board that has lots of pop and is super responsive.  Made of carbon fiber composites and shaped specifically for women, it is the Cadillac of wake surf boards.

 Phase Five Diamond Luv

This board is a trimmed down version of the Diamond,  It has been the prime choice for riders like Jodi Grassman and Stacia Bank. Phase Five built this with super stiff carbon fiber, a sprinkle of holographic glimmer, an awesome peacock graphic and a 1” fin. This is TOUGH LUV.

Volcom Board shorts Simply Solid

Nothing beats a tough pair of board shorts. Volcom makes these perfect length shorts in a few patterns and colors to suit anyone's taste. These are one of my favorite because they don't ride up when you fall down.

Birkenstock Papillio Sandals

Okay! I had a pair of these growing up and I am so stoked that they are back in style! They are the most comfortable sandal in the world and they also make tired and sore feet feel so much better. Not to mention they now come in cute, fun styles!

Rareform Retro Board Bag

If you’re looking for a board bag, this one is eco-friendly and made from recycled products. The perfect buy for Earth Day.


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