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Spring & Summer Travel With Your Grom

by Gina Duffy on April 04, 2016

By: Ambassador Joanna Brashear

What To Bring When You Travel With Your Grom

Traveling with your grom can be tricky. Kids generally travel well as long as they have three things: food, fun and rest. Below I go over some items that will make fun and rest easier for you. The food part, well you're on your own with that. I would suggest whole fruits and non-perishable snack bars along with lots of water. You can also make cookies and bars ahead of time and even let your kids pick their favorite ingredients, which makes them more appealing during a boring airport layover or after long hours in the car. The key to keeping your sanity during traveling is keeping the kids occupied by whatever means necessary.

Sondergut Roll Up Travel Checkers/Chess

Here is something that is a staple in our car. Who doesn't love checkers and chess?  This set is great since it rolls away nice and neatly and can be stored in the center  console or any backpack without losing pieces or taking up precious storage space.


Dakine Travel Kit

The first few times I traveled with my grom I thought it would be fine to just pack all our toiletries together in one large bag and we would be good to go. Boy was I wrong! I ended up riffling through kids toothpaste and cutesy packages of bubble bath before I could find anything that actually belonged to me. Word of advice, get your own awesome organizer and lessen the stress.

Rip Curl Beach Pants

Yoga pants are great, I mean who doesn't love them? But sometimes you want to look a little more than just "straight out the gym". I love these pants, they have an adjustable waist band, a super comfy fit, and they look great with a cute pair of sandals and a nice fitted top.

Sea To Summit Travel Bag

If you have multiple kids or want to minimize packing space you can successfully fit two persons worth of toiletries in this bag. It has multiple compartments and it also has the option to hang it once you get where your going. Use the bag below with bottles included to cut down on size with bulky shampoo bottles and body washes.

Sea to Summit Travel Bottles

Burton Kettle Backpack

This is definitely not a necessity but its super cute and why not travel with a backpack that you love? It has also got some cool features, such as adjustable padded straps made for a women's body as well as a padded laptop sleeve for your gadgets and gizmos. I prefer to pack bags inside of backpacks, so I don't end up dumping the contents of my bag onto the floor looking for that specific toy or snack my little one has to have. Below is the matching travel tote, usually people use this for bathroom stuff, but I find that the compartments are great for hot wheels and fruit leathers and small bags of snacks. Its easy to hand this over to a tired, whiny child and get great results.

           Burton High Maintenance Tote

Burton Kids Backpack

Kids love to help, or at least most kids love to help. I find that giving them a pint sized pack and letting them take things that are special to them helps. You can even surprise them with a couple small new toys or snacks they've never tried before.

    Toy Snowboarders

These are great! They come in snowboarder and skateboarder versions. Way cooler than the original plastic guys. I put these in a small zippered pouch. My little guy makes skate parks and snow parks out of anything; airport chairs, backseat of the car, you get the idea. The great thing about kids is that they have actively wild imaginations and can stay entertained for hours with the simplest of things. These being one of them.


Burton Snoozer Sleeping Pad With Bag

These two things are something that I once thought were unnecessary, until that one day I found my only sweatshirt being rolled up into a ball on the airport floor! Now these two things might not be for everyone, but keep in mind that the sleeping pad airs down and rolls up into a bag that you can easily shove into the bottom of your kids backpack just in case the airport delays occur. For smaller kids this also works well as a play-mat. The pillow is great for road trips, as I find that our regular pillow are just not as firm and small to prop up your little ones head with.

Therma Rest Camp Pillow

Nathan Snack Pack Plus Water on the Go

This water bottle set up is genius. No more squished or lost snacks on the trail or even just at the park. You can strap this to bikes, strollers, backpacks, probably even an arm haha and go play! It comes in cute kid colors and I would definitely recommend it.

Skullcandy Knockout Headphones

We live in a digital age, I would be lying to you if I didn't say that there has been a time or two that no amount of toys or delicious snacks has cured the whining of a tired and bored child. In comes this life saver! Usually when kids play games on an iPad they tend to be annoying to the adults around them! HaHa. So headphones are a must to be courteous to those around you that don't want to hear  the beeps and bonks of flappybird or listen to the same episode of Phineas and Ferb on repeat for hours.  Do everyone a favor and make sure your kids got a set of these. Speaking of electronics, kids drain down battery power far faster than us adults and there's nothing like a 8 hour layover with an iPad that has no battery. You will thank yourself now for purchasing this power pack, which also works with Gopros, cameras and other electronics that you use to capture your groms best moments.

Mophie Juice Pack

​There you have it, a few things I use to keep traveling a little less hectic and a lot more fun. Leave your best travel ideas in the comments so we can all travel with our groms and have the best summer ever!


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