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First Female Terrain Park Opens...Whoop!

by Gina Duffy on January 07, 2014

If you haven’t already heard the amazing news, Brighton Resort in Utah opened Krista’s Park — the first FEMALE ONLY terrain park! And we’re beyond stoked to have been there for the official opening! Named in loving memory of Krista Moroge who passed away from breast cancer, the park is dedicated to women’s snowboarding… as well as breast cancer prevention.

Set up mostly for beginners, Krista’s Park is tailor-made for ladies who are learning, as well as ladies who want to practice their moves without feeling intimidated by the guys. I’m not boy-bashing here: most terrain parks have giant jumps, small rails, and crazy guys racing through! And if you’ve been to as many parks as I have, then you’ve come across the type of guys who sit by a feature posted up and stare you down with a "What’s this chick doing in here?" look on their faces. All of which can cause a girl to turn right around and go the other way. Thankfully, Brighton Resort exists as an intimidation-free zone: no boys allowed.

But don’t get it twisted — Krista Park is not about girls riding separately from guys. And it doesn’t exist because the gals can’t hang with the guys. It’s about girls riding with girls. It’s about fueling and protecting the fire that burns within women, on and off the pow. This is amazing, and I would like to see more of that empowerment happening at resorts around the world, especially in the U.S.

This focus on progression and well-being is exactly the kind of change we’re looking to celebrate and propagate in male-dominated action sports. We’re excited to see Brighton Resort give the girls their own forum to progress, push their limits … and Shred On! 

Watch Krista’s Park in action:

Gina Duffy, Founder –


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