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12 Wakeboard & Wakesurf Essentials All Girls Need

by Gina Duffy on March 24, 2016

By Ambassador: Joanna Brashear

As the snow season comes to an end, we are more than ever excited about summer! Especially about wakeboarding and summer style.

Here at we are ready to hit the lake and we want to make sure you've got the goods to make the best of your wake days. Take a look below to see what the ambassadors had to say about wakeboard tips and essentials.

Cable or Boat for Wakeboarding?

Jordan Wolfe - "I like cable because the cable pulls straight out of the water. On the boat, you don't get pulled out of the water as high or as easily"

Aliza Capen - "I think cable is easier because you don't have the waves and the path is always the same."

Jenna Malcolm - "In my opinion, boat is easier. If you fall while trying to get up or while learning a trick you don't have to get back in line to start again."

Essentials to Bring Wakeboarding:

Jenna Malcolm - "Lots and lots of water/sports drinks... staying hydrated is super important especially while in the sun all day."

Aliza Capen - "A towel, sunscreen, and bag for your stuff."


Jenny Vanvelde - "Food!...wakeboarding makes you hungry!!! Dry bag for phones and car keys because water comes into the boat, and dry clothes to change into later."


Natalie Graham - "Water and sunscreen. A Helmet is a must for cable and a preference driven decision for boat. I wear a helmet for both. Another item: food that is easy to pack, easy to eat. Wake sports are tiring and you will need something to re-fuel yourself."

Safety Gear for Wakeboarding

Natalie Graham - "Never, never, never compromise your safety! Always wear a Life Vest particularly one that is USCG (US Coast Guard) approved. Too many lives have been lost due to inadequate life jackets. I consider myself a good swimmer and even as a good swimmer, situations come up that you can't account for and "swim" away from. For example, I blew my eardrum crashing on a toe-side back roll. I came up and was completely and utterly disorientated. With the help of my jacket, I was able to lay in the water until the boat could come back and fish me out of the water."


Magda Gil Deza - "For beginners it is not fundamental to have a wake specific impact vest. But if you're a beginner make sure you wear a life vest made for your size and weight. A bigger one could be extremely dangerous."


Swimwear for Wakeboarding

Jenna Malcolm - "Anything goes as long as it stays on! Board shorts over your bikini bottoms are always a good idea."

Magda Gil Deza - "A tight fitting top and super comfortable board shorts. Nothing too tiny that can move or fly away."


Jordan Wolfe - "Board shorts and a rash guard! Board shorts because your suit will ride up for sure and a rash guard so your life jacket won't rub."

Stay tuned for more summer blogs and a very special fitness blog on how to get ready for the wakeboard season.


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