Zoee Hull, Ski/Hike/Longboarder (UT)

August 18, 2017

Zoee Hull, Ski/Hike/Longboarder (UT)


Age: 23
Location (State/Province): Utah
Country: USA
Sport(s): Ski, yoga, longboard, hike, backpack
Instagram Handle: @zoeelynn


What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

SheShreds means finding women that love what I love to do - explore the world, and shred! I've been an adventure bum since I can remember, but never quite found a tribe that I fully connected with. SheShreds has enabled me to connect with females all over the world that share similar goals and passions as me. It's amazing to be a part of a group that truly supports, cares for, and promotes one another. SheShreds means exploring new sports while working on perfecting my skills as a skier, yogi, hiker, and longboarder.
What drives you to do your sport?
I have a passion for adrenaline - I get giddy just thinking about being at the top of a mountain, about to fly down the slopes. Skiing has taught me to trust myself, my strength, and put myself out there. I love backpacking for similar reasons - I have to work hard to take myself to beautiful places, and rely fully on my knowledge and preparation. Longboarding is deceptive, as it appears easy to flow and move - it's not! I have to work hard to try something new. Basically, I am driven to do my sports because I have to work at them. My sports allow me to be free, see the world, and get some exercise while doing it all!

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