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Tarin O’Donnell - Snowboard/MTB (WA)

by marina sanchez on August 18, 2017


Age: 29
Location (State/Province): 
Truckee, CA
Snowboarding, mountain biking, paddleboarding,  
Instagram Handle: @

What does SheShredsCo mean to you? 

Growing up in a male dominated sport, I never had a big, solid group of ladies to share experiences with within it. Finding SheShredsCo gave me that sense of community amongst other ladies that I hadn’t had before. It is an awesome source of support and networking for girls of all ages. There can be something different about connecting and sharing with other females, and having SheShredsCo to connect us all, and show each other that girls can support & motivate each other, rather than just compete with one another, is an amazing thing.

What drives you to do your sport? 

The challenge! I feel like there is always room for progression and I am constantly working towards that. Some seasons fly by where it doesn’t feel like much progress was gained, but then there’s the ones where you feel like you are constantly learning. Whether it’s by learning simple tricks you’ve never tried before, or just riding different terrain and conditions, even riding different boards and learning/feeling the differences with that. Those are the things that keep it fun and make me want to get out as much as possible. That, and well, what beats a blower pow day.


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