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Sydney Kennett - Indoor Skydive/Skier (CO)

by Gina Duffy on August 30, 2019


Name: Sydney Kennett

Age: 12

Location: Colorado

Sport(s): Indoor Skydiving, All Mountain Skiing, Snowboarding, DirtBiking

Instagram Handle: @tunnelgirl24_sydney 




What does SheShredsCo mean to you? is the coolest family (shred girls) around.  To me it is a place where awesome girl shredders can come to show and congratulate other girls with their talents and hard work.  I believe that also helps girls to be brave and never give up. makes girls feel more powerful by supporting each other.  I love that we all are doing such different things but can come together to cheer one another on. I also love that I can connect with other girls with the meetups. 

What challenges do you face being a female in the sport?

The biggest challenge I face is that people have never heard of Indoor Skydiving, let alone think it is a competitive sport.   The first question I get asked after I tell them what I do is "So you jump out of planes?". It is a challenge, but I also love being able to explain my sport and hope to get more people involved.  It is also a challenge to compete with the boys/adults. It is one of the only sports that everyone competes together. So, I feel like I have to work extra hard to stand out and be creative.

How do you inspire others as a Gold Ambassador? 

As a Gold athlete, I love that other girls will look up to me.  I believe you can do anything if you set your mind to it! I love paving the way and being known as a very unique flyer with my own style.

What are your goals in your sport?  

My current goals for this upcoming year will be to defend my title for a 3rd year in a row as United States Jr. Freestyle Champion so I can represent the USA again at World’s this time in Brussels.  I also really love to be creative and hope to come up with a few new moves to add to my routine.  


Where is the most unusual place you have done your sport?

Indoor Skydiving has given me the opportunity to travel the world.  I have been to Spain the last 2 summers to film a documentary about kids who fly and train as Indoor Skydivers.  We were followed around by a film crew all week. We were also given the opportunity to put on an Atmodance production with lights and a film crew.  I really like meeting people from all over the world who love to do what I do. I have also been to Paris France. That iFLY wind tunnel is amazing as it is floor to ceiling glass in the middle of a mall.  That is probably the most unusual & coolest tunnels I have flown in.

What has been your most memorable moment so far? 

My most memorable moment by far is that I won the United States Junior National Freestyle gold which qualified me to represent the USA at The World Indoor Skydiving Championships in Lille France this past April.  It was amazing to be part of team USA. It was also super cool as I was the youngest competitor at World’s so I had the honor of reading the athlete Oath at the opening ceremonies in front of like thousands of people.  My routine was also rated the most difficult in the Jr. Freestyle division. That was an experience I will never forget. I took home the Bronze for team USA. I worked really hard and to be able to have accomplished that makes me super proud.  Also iFLY windtunnels, LiquidSky jumpsuits and Cookie helmets chose me to sponsor which was life changing. They are all so supportive and make all of this possible.

Who/what are your inspirations?

I have 2!  My Dad is my inspiration for Indoor Skydiving because he has helped me a lot.  He used to be a skydiver and now also flies in the tunnel. He is a great coach and an amazing person who is always pushing me to be better.  Inka Tiitto is also a big inspiration to me. She is one of the best female freestylists in the world. She picked me to attend the Spain camp in 2017 and has also helped me with my freestyle.  I love watching her flying videos for inspiration.


Favorite thing about SheShreds products? 

I love all of the colors and the great quality of the products.  I love that there is something for everyone, even me, with the Happy Series. My favorite being "Flying makes me Happy & Shredding makes me Happy".   The snowboarding hoodie is also amazing and so super warm! SheShredsc.o makes awesome products for amazingly athletic women!










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