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Suzie DiGioia, Ski/Cycler (VT)

by Kelly Vance on May 26, 2017

Suzie DiGioia

Ski/Cycler (VT)

Name: Suzie DiGioia

Age: 26

Location: Killington, VT


Sport(s): Skiing, Cycling

Instagram Handle: @scuzied


What does SheShredsCo mean to you? goes beyond being a community, brand, and vision for all girls to unite and progress through sport. To me, it has become a family and a force of people to lift each and everyone of us up and who INSPIRES us all to become the best version of ourselves. Whether we are 14 or 44, new to a sport or been practicing our whole lives, the women of make it their mission to include, motivate, and spread to stoke to everyone working towards a goal. Through my best days on the ski hill and in the saddle to my worst days of injuries and personal struggle, I have been able to turn to for advice, inspiration, or just kind words. is a safeplace for me both for advice in my sports and for awesome girls worldwide looking to connect.

What drives you to do your sport?

For a long time, I gave up skiing and sailing to pursue my academic endeavors. I had 2 majors and 2 minors in college and, although I enjoyed learning, I lost sight of my health, my happiness, and my thirst for life. After college, I moved to Killington, VT where I was reminded just how happy skiing makes me- I was healthy again, smiling everyday, and an overall better person. The following summer, I completed my first cross country cycling trip raising over $8000 for the Ulman Cancer Fund and saw just how capable the human body is when you stop limiting your own mind. From here, I have continued pushing my boundaries towards happiness and possibilities in life. Skiing and cycling became my safe places. They were the key to reminding me that life is short and to do anything other than what makes you happy would be a waste. The communities I have found through my sports are the most supportive I have found in my life and each new thing I learn and obstacle I overcome brings a natural high to me that I can't get anywhere else.


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