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Sienna Brewer, Wakeboard/Wakesurfer (MS)

by Joanna Brashear on June 08, 2017

Your Age: 10 

Your Location (where do you ride mostly): Pascagoula River 

Instagram: wakegirlb Facebook: Sienna Brewer

What does SheShreds co mean to you? is more than just a company, more that just a group of girls. It is a constant reminder that I'm not alone. It is a second family that is always there for me to pick me up when I'm down and to lift me higher when I'm at the top. This group of girls will always be there for me, rooting for me, cheering me on, even if one of them is my competitor. They've taught me that I can be caring and compassionate towards girls that I'm competing against. And it always feels good to lift someone else up rather than tearing them down or acting like they don't exist. simply means everything to me.

What drives you to do your sport?
I've been a wakeboarder/wakesurfer for a few years. I absolutely love the freedom when riding on the water. It's my happy place. I love everything involved with it. Because of wakeboarding, I've met a lot of great people and made lifelong friends. It brings my family together. We've spent many many hours together on the water and on the road traveling to competitions. I love pushing the limits and learning new tricks. It's the best feeling in the world to try and succeed.


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