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Sasha Bodie, Snowmobile/Snowboarder (BC)

by Erika Vikander on June 08, 2017


Age: 24

Location: British Columbia

Country: Canada

Sport(s): Backcountry Sledder, Snowboarder

Instagram: @sashabodie

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

SheShredsCo means a lot to me, we have a bunch of girls all over the world, all different ages all with an insane amount of passion for themselves and others. We all want to see each other succeed or at least have fun while doing what they love! Everyone is always so encouraging, positive and loving! It’s great to have this special connection with women whom I may never meet seeing as they are across this world. It’s crazy how we are all there for each other in any situation we may need each other in. I love everyone’s different opinions or views in a certain topic or in general. SheShredsCo is overall a great community of positive, caring loving women who all has the same drive and passion and that’s why I love being a part of this network and representing it to the fullest of my ability.

What drives you to do your sport?

What drives me to snowmobile is that there is always room for improvement! Every time I get on my sled and ride I learn something new which drives me to ride more and explore! I love running into new people and learning new things from them, Sledding has drove me to ride all over British Columbia and into Alaska to pushed me further outside my comfort zone and shaping me into a better rider! The view I got to experience and see I will forever be thankful for and never take my life for granted. Sledding is evolving more and more, especially in the women’s sector and that drives me to learn and ride as much as I can so I can hopefully set a good example for younger girls just starting out sledding or women who just need the encouragement boost!



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