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Nikki Vandeputte, Wakesurf/Snow/Wakeboarder (NY)

by Erika Vikander on June 14, 2017
Age: 24

Location: New York/Connecticut

Country: USA 

Sport(s): Wake surf, wakeboard, snowboard, roller blade

Instagram: @SurfNV 

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?
SheShredsCo has become a part of me and what I stand for. I love having a community of rad chicks behind each other with the utmost support for one another regardless of the topic. It's a cold world out there now a days and not many people get each others backs. It's nice to have such a strong community and it's all over the world! I would love to be a part if SheShreds for life.

What drives you to do your sport?
My passion for the sports I do comes from the fun and the rush I get from participating in it. There is nothing like the feeling of completing a new trick you've work on for hours, days, weeks and years! When I'm out doing the sports I love nothing else matters in the world and everything takes a pause in my life. It's my escape and I love it!

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