McKenna Bell - Snowboard/Kayaker (UT)

by marina sanchez on August 29, 2017


Age: 22
Location (State/Province): Ogden, Utah
Country: United States
Sport(s): snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, snowshoeing
Instagram Handle: @kennybell

What does SheShredsCo mean to you?

Embracing being an active,
badass female! A lot of the time being a woman, you are expected to be
poised and act a part. SheShredsCo is a place to be myself and bring
confidence to being a female in male dominated sports.

What drives you to do your sport?

Progressing and getting the taste
of improvement! There's nothing more satisfying than knowing you're
able to accomplish something you were once hesitant about, and doing
it well!


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